Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Mystery of the MIssing Keys

It had been a month since my house keys went missing.

For around 30 days I had managed to survive without my house OR mail keys, mostly by pilfering my teen's house keys. With all his disorganization, I am grateful that he excels at NOT losing house keys. That skill alone saved my butt this month.

Last Thursday, our area was hit with snow and when I received the call that schools were closed (and therefore I had a day off), I resolved that THIS WAS THE DAY when I'd find my keys.

Closet: cleaned out and completely organized, old clothes I don't wear thrown into a pile for the Salvation Army

Dresser: everything folded, sifted through, and some things tossed.

Under the bed: Where did all that dust come from? Piles of things tossed, including old scrapbooking materials I never use, and just plain old junk.

Crafting rolling cart thing: the majority of things I never use tossed, or put in a pile to donate. THEN I made it into a storage spot for recipes, tech stuff, and other bloggy goodies.

Laundry basket? Check. Cupboards and drawers on my side of the bed? Double check.

THERE's my battery charger I lost three years ago! And my work keys! OH! Long lost pictures!

It's really amazing what you find when you dig through stuff, like even a letter from Santa to Kevin, explaining how he loved the

No keys.

Pockets gone through, corners checked, house vacuumed and dusted, and still no keys.

*gulp* Did I...take them to Blissdom and leave them there?

Yesterday, I expressed my fears to Hubs as we stood in the kitchen, jackets on, ready to leave for the ferry at 7 am for a day of shopping in Vancouver.

"I don't get it. I've looked EVERYWHERE. I know that I set them either on the dining room table or beside the bed, but I can't find them. This is SO frustrating. Why can't I find anything?!?"

Hubs turned, open a drawer beside him, and PULLED OUT MY KEYS.

"WHAT?!? Did you? You wouldn't be that mean. Did you HIDE them?"

Hubs shook his head innocently.

"No, I just thought that might be a logical place to look...."

"You HID THEM! I left them on the dining room table! I would NEVER leave my keys in that drawer! I looked for a month! I tore the house apart! You STINKER! I can't believe you HID MY KEYS!"

Hubs began to laugh as I swatted at him angrily.

"I didn't hide them. I just guessed. I was lucky. You have them now, don't lose them again."

Clutching my keys, I snapped them onto the clip in my purse, where they are right this minute, away from key hiding Husbands who think it's a joke to make me crazy by hiding things on me. least I think they are still there. Let me check. I might have lost them again.

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