Monday, November 22, 2010

Losing My Mind, Among Other Things

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I should have known. As I packed for Blissdom Canada almost an entire month ago, I pulled my keys out of my purse, and deciding that they would surely get lost in Toronto, left them at home.

Umm, I'm just not sure where. They are here in the house somewhere, but can I find them?


Have I really looked for them?

Sort of. It helps when the teenager never loses his keys and he can lock up the house, except when it's after school and he went to his girlfriend's house, and I'm locked out.

So far I had kept the missing keys secret from my Hubs, who would surely give me the "you should be more responsible" lecture, until Kevin spilled the news the other day. On the way to Vancouver he made suggestions about where to put them (in the same spot every day, go figure), and commented that he's never met anyone who has trouble with keys like I do.

Um....ya. Me + keys = lost. I have THREE sets of keys, people. At the moment two are missing.

I tried to explain.

"Well it's just that I have so MUCH to remember-deadlines, stuff for work, stuff for blogging, things for you, for me, and when I'm overloaded I lose things. I forget things. The last month I was so overloaded that it's good that all I lost was my keys. You still had clean underwear, didn't you?"

He nodded silently, because he knew better than to argue.

The problem?

Things have calmed down and I'm finding myself with two glorious days off in a row every week, and they keys are still no where in sight. I know they are here. It's just I can't seem to get a handle on WHERE they are here. Perhaps I need to get out of the kitchen, which is where I've been finding myself on the weekends, and look for the keys?

Na. I think I'll just steal Kevin's.

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