Thursday, November 18, 2010


If I could tuck you in my bag and bring you home, I would.

Your bed would be soft, warm, and safe with only the moon looking down on you as a friend. Clean sheets and soft blankets would wrap you in a cocoon and lull you to sweet slumber.

Warm showers would keep you clean, your clothes would be freshly laundered, your shoes would fit. There would be a winter jacket to keep out the rain and wind.

Lunches would fill your growling belly at school. Gooey homemade cookies would be waiting for your outstretched hand, created with love and you in mind. There would always be food, more than you need and just what you want, waiting for you to eat your fill.

There would be someone waiting for you at home, caring where you are, wondering what you are up to, and ready to let you know when you are down the wrong path. You may not like it sometimes, but on the other hand, it's good to know what the boundaries are.

Hugs and honest conversation would be dispensed more often than scolding or advice.

Someone would always have your back because that's what family does. The bullies would never win, and this would be your safe place; your haven from the world where kids pick on you daily. Here, you would be celebrated, cherished, and loved. Even when you really don't think you deserve it.

If only I could take you home. Instead, I sit and watch you struggle, and desperately hope that the tiny bits I can offer you can be cobbled together enough to feed your soul just for the day. It's like throwing crumbs to the birds; knowing it's never really enough and others sometimes peck at you to steal what is yours.

It's never enough.

My heart breaks watching you, knowing that you'll never know the kind of home I long to give you.

Because all I desperately wish I could do.... take you home.

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