Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Help Me Build a Bike to Send to Africa!

Okay guys, we have lots of Halloween candy laying around and here's your chance to make it do some good.

Cadbury's is building up to 5,000 bikes to send to Africa and your UPC from one of their products is worth 1 virtual bike part. If you go here, fill out the form (including the UPC) and state that you are on team Notes From the Cookie Jar, you will add to a bike.

Participating products include Trident, Stride, Halls, Maynards, Bubblelicious, and Dentyne as well as all the chocolate (Wunderbar, Caramilk, Mr. Big, etc)

In Africa, people have to walk huge distances for food, school, work, or medical care. A bicycle makes a world of difference-just from a bit of chocolate! Only 100 parts make up a whole bike, and we have until November 14th to do it.

Dig out those boxes from your Halloween candy and start sending in those UPC codes! Let's make our chocolate do some good, hey?

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