Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Cookie Jar's Top 25 Holiday Treats

Prompted by a follower on Twitter who asked if I had any good holiday recipes, the other evening I spent my evening compiling a list of my family's favorite cookie, bar, and dessert recipes. While not all have a picture (a peril of an accidental food blog that I'm slowly fixing) , I can promise that they are all delicious and well used recipes in my house. Some I have used for years on end, and it's just not Christmas without them.

Santa Cookies

You must check this post out, if only to find out why I threw a gingerbread across my kitchen and to see a wildly popular guest post from years ago about how to make chocolate cherry mice with your kids.

Also, if you've been listening to me on Twitter, you know that I finally found THE lemon bar recipe, which I baked tonight and once photographed, will post for you! Is it seriously December already?

Let the Christmas baking begin!

Over at Everything Mom.com this week's meal plan is up! The featured recipe is an adapted White Bean and Chicken Chili from the Pioneer Woman, that Kevin and I tried to tweak more into something we had at the Firehouse Brewing Company in South Dakota. Spicy, creamy, with big hunks of chicken and beans, it's a keeper!

chicken chili2

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