Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Win Tickets to see Jamie Oliver LIVE!

Kevin came bolting into the computer room to tell me that Jamie Oliver has a new show coming to Food Network Canada November 11th. Yay! I can't wait to watch Jamie's American Road Trip, as he travels around the USA in search of the local food. (psst...click on over to the site and check out the recipes from the book, behind the scenes videos, follow the road trip, etc.) I've been looking at the Jamie's America cook book in stores, and right now you can order it through Indigo/Chapters for about $25 with free shipping!

I can hardly wait to see the show and see how he fared on a road trip through the USA! Of course I'm sure he never stopped at Walmart and asked random people where the restaurants were like we resorted to during Food Revolution Road Trip 2010.

The show has already been seen overseas, and through Google Kevin and I found a trailer of Jamie's American Road Trip where he is dressed up like the Village People. You MUST click through and watch this-we laughed so hard that we were literally crying. I'd say it's one of the funniest promos I've ever seen!

It gets better! Jamie himself is coming to CANADA, and Food Network Canada is giving away FIVE pairs of tickets to see him live at the Metro Toronto Convention Center on November 18, 2010. Winners will get to hear him talk about his book, "Jamie's America" and his "pass it on" campaign.

I am SO TOTALLY green eyed jealous.

Aw man Jamie, couldn't you have come just a few weeks sooner when I'm in Toronto? Or add Vancouver to your list? Please? I'll bake you cookies.....

(I don't suppose that works with people who are chefs and bake their own. DAMN! Guess I'll just order his book instead. )

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