Sunday, October 03, 2010

Win a Challenge Day With Cox and MTV

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in Challenge Day at the high school I worked at. I had no idea what to expect when I walked in the room; but those two days, I walked out with a completely different perspective about the kids I worked with.

The most powerful experience I've had at a school was when we played "Walk the Line". I had no idea that so many kids were dealing with such horrific circumstances, and I'm sure that they were surprised when I crossed the line as well. What made it so powerful was standing on the other side of that line, we could see we weren't alone.

Watch below:

I connected with kids that day and promised them that I had their back. Some of them promised me that they had mine and although that was 3 years ago, to this day we still have a connection. A few of the boys kept an eye out for Jake when he entered school, making sure that the older bullies left him alone. Once a group of teens were going to vandalize my car, and other kids stopped them. I watched out for the kids from my group at school when I was there, and even though I'm not now when I run into them in the community we say hello.

Challenge day is amazing, and I highly recommend it. The experience is beyond anything you've ever imagined; although I will say, the real challenge is once the day is over, and the real work begins. People fall into doing what's easy rather than what's right, and the ideas of challenge day can be pushed aside and forgotten.

In the last while, there have been kids commit suicide because of bullying in the news. If you want to take some action in your kid's school, I recommend you take a look at having a Challenge Day...but don't just think that one day will change your school, get involved and keep the change going long after the day is gone.

Don't think your school can afford it? MTV is holding a competition to bring Challenge Day to 3 schools in 14 states. Nominate your school! You have until October 12, 2010

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