Monday, October 11, 2010

Techie Teens

Posting has been slow around here, hasn't it? Wanna know why?

Last week I was sitting here, at my computer with 4 windows open on my task bar, when my computer monitor began acting funny. Some menu thingy kept flashing-which has happened before so I didn't think much of it.

It got really flashy flashy and began bugging me. Then the monitor started acting really weird, and finally...

POOF! It was dead. Wait a sec. No monitor = no blogging. No email. No article writing.

AHHHH! Picture me running around, screaming, ripping out hair, wailing, gnashing of teeth, the whole deal.

I was a little panicked. For one thing, that article in the Globe and Mail was coming out, and I thought they would mention this place, so I was expecting a "metric crap ton" (as Jake would say) of traffic. But the Globe and Mail didn't-in fact, the article didn't even mention I'm a blogger (boo!) and so nothing happened. Actually, all the article said was that I'm a mom and then moved on to American examples. I admit I was disappointed. I came up with all sorts of healthy food that I am genuinely proud of, waited around most of a day for a photographer, changed my work schedule, woke up early and basically scheduled my life around this whole thing for...what?

Keep an eye out-I'm going to write my OWN suggestions for how to get kids to eat healthier, with practical examples. Probably will do my own photo shoot, too.

Side note here: Jake's name is really Kevin. He has been bugging me for the longest time to tell you all, and I did on Twitter, but here it is official-like:

Jake= my 14 year old kid. Who is actually named KEVIN. Occasionally called Kev. And from this point forward shall forever be known by his real name because some days I'm even accidentally calling him Jake. Or I go to tweet ups and people keep referring to "Jake", and I'm all..."WHO?"

All last week, I snuck moments here and there to catch up with things with whatever computer I could find. At one point, I even began negotiating time on Kevin's computer. It went something like this:

Kevin: "So I'd like cold, hard, cash."
Me: " I don't have any on me. "
Kevin: "Have you got any chocolate? Coffee?"
Me: "No way!"
Kevin: " A Mayan Gold Green and Black's bar would do. And a cup of coffee."
Me: (pause) "Ok. Just don't tell your Dad."

I was THAT desperate. You know it's bad when you are willing to pay your teenager to lend you their computer.

Saturday we went into Vancouver and picked up a new, shiny monitor, which wasn't a moment too soon because this morning Kevin discovered that his computer had a VERY BAD virus.


He kept giving me the death glare this morning over a bowl of mini wheats. All I can say about that is I'm really grateful to have an awesomely techie teenager in the house who CAN format his drive and save me the $75 we'd have to pay otherwise.

Just a second ago he skipped in here and kissed me on the cheek.

"So you like your new monitor, Mom?"

"Yes, I love it!"

"Good. Because you're not allowed to use my computer again. Besides, I didn't get my chocolate OR coffee."


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