Monday, October 18, 2010


Last summer I decided to get another job. My main source of employment isn't really full time as some people would call it, and with my weekends, evenings, holidays and summer off, I had a lot of free time. Another job would be more money! I could do it, right? Easy!

My work week morphed into six days a week. I can handle this! I'm Mama! Hear me roar! I'll be organizer extra-ordinaire, doesn't matter that I have no time to grocery shop or get organized for the week, I'll just do it when I can.

Then, Everything Mom asked me to be their meal plan editor. Which I LOVE and being my anal self, threw myself in with wild abandon, making myself cook, blog, and photograph meals FIVE DAYS A WEEK. Didn't matter that I really only had to do one meal for them. I wanted to do the best job possible, and I would. Remember Julie and Julia? I've DONE the cook/write/photograph every single day for almost a year. Holy crap, it's HARD.

(It was also totally my own thing, Everythingmom never asked me to do that.)

I couldn't cook five days a week anymore (no repeats, either!) and had to make myself let go of that, branching out an highlighting other amazing food bloggers. I'm so glad I did!

My blog, seemingly unknown before, began to take off. People began calling. Companies began wanting me to write about things. The Globe and Mail wanted to drop by, Blissdom asked me to be on a panel, etc.

At my main job, my work hours were increased. At my second job, I began putting together a blog for them, plus figuring out a Facebook page, a newsletter, on top of my regular work hours.

Then you have my family who want to spend time with me, so on my only days off I'm whizzing off to Vancouver, spending days with Hubs out on the motorcycle, and putting off anything else just to snag that quality time with my guys.


Can you see how this might end up?

I don't have downtime. Ever. In fact, this month alone, I have had ONE day where I can just chill out at home in my pjs. I thought I was doing okay, until the other day when Hubs looked at me and commented,

"You are just cranky ALL THE TIME."

And I am. My writing mojo is totally squelched, too. I feel like I am always flying just by the seat of my pants, trying to squeeze things in here and there but never having time to really relax and enjoy anything. Or actually spend time with the people in my life who mean the most to me! I didn't want to complain about it here, so posting became slower and more sporadic. Cooking was all about getting it done and photographed, never about enjoying the actual process. It became work, not fun-and when that happens, it's a problem.

I had to make a decision, and last week, I finally did. I gave my notice at the second job because while I loved it, I need my weekends back. No more flying by the seat of my pants, and I will have far more energy and focus for this place and my meal plan articles, which is what I've been longing to do.

Cooking and blogging, my first loves, need to be fun again. I am so excited at the prospect of having a whole Saturday in the kitchen, or having the time to try out fiddly recipes that require time to make. I'm excited at providing some really great content that I've had time to research, and getting my creative mojo back again.

Most of all I'm excited about having more time to connect with all of you because YOU make it all worthwhile.

Watch out for lots of new content, food, and articles coming your way in November, as I dive headfirst into my first loves-food, community, and writing once again. I'm SO excited!

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