Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Leaving, On a Jet Plane to BlissDom!

Tonight I leave for Vancouver, and tomorrow morning I'll be an early flight on my way to BlissDom Canada. I still can't really believe it's happening, and I think it won't really sink in until I'm actually on the plane.

The last year has been quite a journey for me and this blog. From starting out four years ago writing about how my Husband couldn't part with an old TV to navigating Kevin through elementary school, and then finding my niche as a food blogger, I've grown with Notes From the Cookie Jar. From the moment I put down on screen what my focus for this blog would be in the post I Believe, things have taken off in a way that I never dreamed.

I'm still pinching myself. Daily!

Wednesday morning I'm off on an adventure across the country to a city I've never seen, speaking at a conference I've longed to attend, and meeting people I've wished I could have over for a cup of coffee and cookies. To say I'm excited is an understatement-it's like Christmas! Sleep? Are you joking?!

Before I get too giddy and point out all the fun and cool things (like parties! Great people! Shopping! Bloggy sessions! And more parties!), I have a bunch of people to thank for their incredible support to make this trip to Blissdom Canada happen. Without them, I would be sitting here watching the conference unfold via Twitter. This year? It's like Twitter LIVE, baby!

My Husband and Kevin: You have put up with me holed up in the computer room for hours on end, allowed me to share pieces of your lives with the world, sat patiently while I have snapped photos of dinner while you want to eat, and in short put up with the day to day of living with a blogger. That in itself deserves a medal. Or at least lots of cookies and kisses.

Anne: My friend, cheering section, coffee buddy, fellow gourmet chocolatier and foodie, I don't know how I would have gotten through the last year without you. Just when I thought I'd crack sometimes from being so overworked, you'd bring me chocolate, tea, an ear, and funny stories about you lopping trees in your backyard. I will miss our Friday coffee while I'm away this week-but I know you're never more than an email away.

Emma Waverman: For suggesting that I might be a good addition to a panel in the first place! I'm so grateful to you for thinking of me, and excited that you thought I'd be a good addition. Can't wait to find some time to go out for coffee at the very least, and I am SO looking forward to meeting you in person. I will do my best to make you proud!

Her Bad Mother: Thank you so much for inviting me! I admit that I was so shocked I stood in my kitchen for a full three minutes, sputtering like an idiot while Hubs and Kevin both looked on, concerned that I had lost my mind. I've read your blog for years, greatly admire what you are doing for Tanner, and am honored that you'd ask little ol' me to be part of Blissdom. Really. Truly honored.

Ariana @fdnstudio: Just when I began to think all was lost because while I had the invite to go to Blissdom but no actual FUNDS to go, you swooped in and offered me sponsorship. I'm not ashamed to say I was then running through the house screaming and dancing for joy. I cannot thank you enough, because you made this entire adventure possible! I will proudly wear my twitter tee and tell everyone who will listen how wonderful you are! (now if everyone else could have their twitter handle stamped to their shirts so I remember their names, I'll be set!)

My co-workers: Initially I was shy about sharing my pursuits outside of work, but soon you guys found out, and went from "What is blogging" to embracing blogging with a passion! School blogs, homework blogs, our staff has 'em all! Your encouragement and excitement about me attending Blissdom has made me feel extra special. I am so proud to a part of our school!

Michelle @Everythingmom : asking me to be your meal plan editor in 2009 started the ball rolling, and that's how I found myself so in love with food blogging! I still love creating meal plans for you and can't wait to meet some of the Everything Mom team this week.

@Alexishinde: For so kindly offering not only to pick me up at the ferry, but putting me up in your home and then driving me at an ungodly hour to the airport. You, my dear, are amazing. I can't wait to visit! Somehow a batch of cookies just don't seem enough thanks, because I honestly am not sure how I would've done it without you.

@MichelleLKent: For rescuing me from having to schlep luggage across Vancouver from the airport to the ferry terminal, I will be forever grateful! Can't wait to have coffee with you on the return trip.

Frank and Katherine: You gave me days off, worked a shift around a Globe and Mail photographer, cheered me on, and have been so supportive and wonderful that I'm grateful I had the chance to work with you and call you friends. If you need anything, anytime, call me! (and yes Frank, I owe you a pumpkin pie. I didn't forget. You'll have to wait until I get back, though).

My twitter peeps! So many that if I start listing I'll forget someone and feel guilty. You know who you are. Talking me from the ledges when my nerves start to take over, dispensing packing advice, conference advice, you name it. You are always there, 24/7!

All of YOU. Readers who really make my day by stopping by and offering me a bit of your time, and sometimes leaving me a comment to make me smile. Readers who have been here right from the beginning, who have supported me and every pursuit I've undertaken.

Thank you.

I am truly blessed to have such amazing people in my life.

Wish me luck!

(PS...You won't be hearing from me until Sunday, as I don't have a laptop to take and I'll be way too busy to write anything anyhow. Feel free to stalk my Twitter Stream @scatteredmom, and I'll see you on Halloween!)

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