Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Fried Fingers a la Maple Caramel

Tonight I made caramel, from scratch, for the very first time. I've had this recipe for maple pecan popcorn clusters just hanging around, and finally I had the time and the inclination to make them.

What I obviously didn't have was the coordination.

Caramel, I have found out, is finicky. Sticky.


Especially when some lands on your HAND, people.

I've burned myself before, and I'd like to think that I'm pretty tough but when this stuff landed on my tender pinky finger, it was like someone stuck a 300 degree F poker on my hand and just held it there. Grinning.

Fortunately, I had a sink full of water close by, so when I ran screaming for it, it was there to dissolve that sugary goo before it adhered to my pinky finger. Even still, I was on twitter whining about how much it hurt until Becca (oh bless you Becca, I owe you one) asked if we had an aloe plant. Which we do, and I've almost killed on numerous occasions, but it has lived long enough for me to lop off a section so I could try to soothe my poor fried pinky.


Be organized when making this recipe. The caramel is SO HOT that you can seriously injure yourself or small children. Pay attention and don't get distracted.

Hide the resulting caramel corn before you eat the entire batch because it's just TOO darn good, because you'll be shaking your head at the teenager who will nibble a piece and then declare he's "had enough sweets for one day" and "doesn't need any more."

Who is this creature? I mean sure, I'm all for moderation but doesn't he see the caramely goodness, coating the crunchy pecans, cashews, and delicious popcorn? Is he crazy?


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