Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meltdowns, Near Misses, and New Shoes

(Edited to add updates and links!)

I have been missing in action this week.

Well, not really; missing in action over here perhaps, but I've been plenty of other places. Real life, in some ways, just kinda took over. What have I been up to?

-had a complete and utter meltdown on Sunday when my domain expired and Google Apps wouldn't let me renew, so this place was suddenly *poof* gone! If you are a blogger you can relate to how stressful it is to suddenly have thousands of posts that you have written, slaved over, perfected, and poured your heart into just suddenly disappear.

-of course it had to happen JUST when I just had written a great lunch packing article for Vancouver Kids, with lots of lunch ideas and everything. And then Chasing tomatoes got testy, too. Just to play with my brain.

-AND it all had to happen just after I came home from my other job, after I had spent the entire DAY trying to figure out Google Apps and set up a different domain for their blog. Imagine me rocking in a corner sucking my thumb, muttering about DNS and CNAME settings, and wailing that Google was so quick to get my Visa number but would anything work or go through? Noooooooo.

For the record all that mumbo jumbo about DNS and CNAME settings is a completely different language that I do NOT understand. At all.

-I bought Chasing Tomatoes it's own domain and am trying to have it set up but cannot seem to get it to work. GAH! (But it's working now, thanks so much to @JamieRobertson, my knight in shining armor who got it working! Yay!)

Update your feed readers to for all my latest recipes!

-My plane ticket is bought, my tickets are printed, my days off are booked, and I've even got a folder all organized for Blissdom! What I want to say keeps rolling around in my head during my drive to work. I think I need to write it down.

-speaking of driving, I was about 30 seconds away from being in a head on collision on Thursday. As I was rounding a corner, I could hear of the squeal of some tires. Ever just sense danger? That's exactly how I was feeling so I slowed down, and immediately after, a truck came flying around the corner and lost control. The truck missed the corner and ended up in my lane, just ahead of me, before it careened to a stop. Then it roared up again and took off.

Yesterday I went to work and described my near miss to a co-worker.

"Was it a big black truck?"

How the heck did she know? Turns out, when she was driving home about 20 minutes behind me, she came upon a bad accident. A large black truck had missed a corner and flipped. From the sounds of it, the truck probably was the same one that almost hit me.


This week is decidedly less dramatic. Monday I get a little pampering at the hair dresser, which every girl needs. In the kitchen I'm making some great brownies, a maple caramel popcorn, and some really great quesidillas that I'm sure you'll all love.

Plus I bought some really cute shoes. Good hair and new shoes, what else would a girl need?

(Let's just not talk about the fact that I almost wiped out like this at school twice yesterday in them....)

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