Friday, September 10, 2010

Food Revolution Friday: Back to School Lunches!

First week of school. Back to packing lunches.

Yes, the boy is in grade 10 and I still pack his lunch. I pack mine, why not his? Although on the very first day I was half way to work when I realized that I had, in fact, completely forgotten to pack Jake a lunch. Oops.

I didn't really worry, the boy is self sufficient, but would he pack one? I wasn't sure. When I arrived home that afternoon, he stopped me in the hall, drew himself up proudly, and announced that he had, in fact, packed a lunch.

"So Mom I packed a peanut butter sandwich, a banana, and some cookies. It was good, but..." he caught me in a hug, "I like yours better."


FUN stuff is happening around here that I just have to share!

If you missed EAT Vancouver, don't worry...EAT Fraser Valley is coming to the Abbotsford Tradex September 17-19! Watch famous chefs such as Rob Feenie and Lynn Crawford, taste samples from all sorts of Fraser Valley restaurants, attend a wine and cheese seminar, and more!

Chasing Tomatoes is starting a weekly feature-I'm taking common lunchbox items (this week it was Oreos), and testing out a recipe that you can use instead. I'm going to tackle everything from yogurt to noodle cups, and do what I can to show you a healthy, from scratch option. Granted, cookies aren't health food but these ones don't have high fructose corn syrup in them.

I'm working in a high school cooking class this year, and we are cooking straight out of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook! It's so amazing to be able to share something I'm so passionate about with a group of kids and teach them healthy eating as well as cooking skills. Maybe we can show Jamie what we're doing! That would be cool.

Want to help out your local school? Check with their breakfast program. Often they can use volunteers, donations of food, money, etc. In Canada we don't have the government subsidized meals, and so it's more difficult to make sure kids are fed. Donations would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure. Talk to your schools and see what they need. Even better, volunteer to help with the lunch or breakfast programs. Don't settle for buying a case of instant noodle cups-ask about getting local farms to donate fruits or veggies for snacks, bake a batch of healthy muffins, or donate some eggs if you have chickens!

I'm putting together a guest post for Kids Vancouver, which I'm doing lots of lunchbox recipe testing for. Watch my tweets over the next week and you'll hear bits and pieces of what might be coming!

An invitation arrived in my inbox, asking me to speak at a conference about Food Revolution Fridays. I am beyond honored and excited. The only thing is, right now it's a bit difficult to come up with the $600-700 travel costs to the conference, so I'm looking for a sponsor. I promise, it would be absolutely worth it to sponsor me! If anyone is interested, send me an email at notesfromthecookiejar (at) yahoo (dot) ca, and I will send you the details.

This week I thought I found some free range, happy chickens for us to eat. I was all excited, only to find out that those chickens would only be sold LIVE, and I'd have to kill, gut, and pluck one all by myself. Am I up to it? Am I THAT dedicated?

No. Sorry to disappoint you. I did score some nice farm fresh eggs though.

This week's lunch question:

What is your biggest challenge in packing lunch for your child? Fire away in the comments!

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