Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where the Good Goes

More serious stuff today...

Have you seen the articles in the news about children in Pakistan? Because of recent flooding, headlines scream, "Millions of Children in Pakistan at risk of Flood Diseases". People have lost everything. Children are homeless, orphaned, and lost.

Save the Children contacted me recently, and asked me to post about their site. Their latest campaign is "Where the Good Goes", where you can go to read about and support local health workers.

Meet Ade. From her profile, it says that "For the past 15 years, Ade has been the person whom mothers turn to when they are pregnant, when they are giving birth and when their children become sick. From house calls to training exercises, Ade cares for the women in her community with hands-on help when they need it most." (from Save the Children). By supporting women like Ade, we can help her save many, many children in her area. According to Save the Children, every 4 seconds a child is saved by a Health worker just like her. Unfortunately, many more are still needed. You can read more about other health workers, and follow their blogs here. It doesn't really take much to support a health worker, but by doing so, it makes a huge difference.

How can you help? There's lots of different ways; from donating money, to writing letters, to just spreading the word. You can even see how much it costs to send the good where it needs to go.

A girl I graduated with works for Doctors Without Borders. My great grandparents were missionaries in India. I admire the tenacity and dedication of these wonderful people who give, so much, to help people in need.

Go check out their site, come back here, and leave a comment. As a thank-you, Save the Children has a pedometer they would like to give away to one of my readers. Health workers walk miles every week to treat the children in their areas.

Maybe our own steps will help remind us just how lucky we are.

(Note: leave your e-mail address with your comment. The pedometer is available to those with Canadian or USA mailing addresses)

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