Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Our Road Trip Gets Noticed!

Awhile ago, Sarah from Jamie's team asked me for some photos and let me know that our Road Trip was going to be featured in the Food Revolution newsletter.

I danced around my kitchen, which you long time readers know I tend to do when I'm really, seriously, super duper happy.

Jake and Hubs were both SO excited. Their jaws literally dropped, and eyes lit up.

"Seriously? That. Is. the. COOLEST THING EVER." I can just see Jake running to his Foods teacher in the Fall and telling her all about it.

You only get the newsletter if you have signed the petition and signed up for it, but Sarah also let me know that Jamie mentioned us on his latest You Tube update! And Facebook! And....it felt like everywhere! (*blush*)

He mentions us at the end but listen to the other parts for sure, it's really interesting. All that talk about juice and soda has got me thinking; we don't drink soda but lactose intolerant Jake drinks juice, especially in his school lunches.

This school year I think I'll try mixing the juice with seltzer and some fresh mint, because I never even considered how much sugar that juice he's consuming must have in it, and it's a LOT. Plus Jake will probably love the idea of a "fancy" drink instead of plain juice anyway.

There's only a couple more days of Revolution Road Trip are left before we're home, and then I'll share some of the recipes we made and how we actually accomplished eating out of a cooler and a hotel fridge for 2 1/2 weeks. You don't want to miss this; our food gets held hostage one day, we get to people watch some famous chefs, and we even consider mugging a fellow traveler for her Subway sandwich. Well, I do, anyway. Maybe not quite. Almost.

Also, fun things are in the works for the last weekend in August, with a Back To School Lunch Revolution Blog Hop that has prizes, recipes, a Twitter party with Mrs. Q from Fed Up With Lunch, and more!

Exciting stuff is happening in the Cookie Jar, that's for sure. You don't want to miss out!

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