Wednesday, August 18, 2010

On the Search for Local

With all this talk of food, and buying sustainable, local stuff to support our farmers, I thought I'd try to source out some things in my area.

What I didn't expect was the challenge it would be.

Firstly, readers should know that I live on a peninsula, that's only accessible by ferry or float plane. There are a few grocery stores, but the local shops sometimes are only known by word of mouth. Some people have little home based businesses, even. For someone who hasn't grown up here, it can be a challenge to find out the ins and outs of the area. I had heard some murmurings of little fish shops up the coast from where we live and I wanted to make this delicious prawn stir fry from Pioneer Woman's site, so off we went.

First stop: Off the Hook Fish shop. Prawns: $12.50/lb. Not too bad, but at least $3.00 more than the grocery store. I wanted to look around a little more and see what we could find.

Second stop: Video store. I know, you're all wondering what the hell I'm thinking. In this town, you can buy frozen prawns at the video store. Seriously! Prawns: $20/ lb. Totally not in the budget. $20 a lb?!

Third stop: Extra Foods. Prawns from Thailand: $13.99/2 lbs.

I'm sure you can guess what we bought (the Thailand prawns). Prices on all our regular things were so much higher this week; chocolate chips were $10/kg bag (usually around $7), and yogurt! Oh my Lord, the yogurt! Awhile ago I tried Greek Gods yogurt for something around $4 a pint, and this week? THIS WEEK? Over $7. I almost fell over.

Is it HST? I don't know but man, food seems to be getting ridiculously expensive. Some of you might question my buying prawns as a bit of a luxury anyway, but seafood is common around here. I live on the ocean, and boats are out all the time catching salmon, scallops, and the like. In some places, like on the docks in Steveston or on Vancouver Island, it's not unusual to purchase seafood for a pretty reasonable price. Sometimes it's cheaper than chicken.

Jake and I resolved to go in the other direction down the highway and see what we can find next week. I think it's all in sourcing out the great spot, and so far we haven't found it.

But we DID make a great recipe from The Pioneer Woman, and the veggies were local-some from my best friend's garden, even!

Summer Stir Fry

Jake and Hubs didn't even say a word; they just dug in, polished it off, and asked for seconds. Then Jake wanted thirds. It was SO GOOD.

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