Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lunch Revolution Blog Party!


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The party is now CLOSED. Thanks for playing!

It's a Lunch Revolution PARTY!

Stuck for what to make for school lunch? Need some inspiration? I have been scouring the internets for this very thing, and these are my favorite resources!

Jayden Hair of Steamy Kitchen wrote this great article with 9 Healthy and Kid Friendly Ideas for Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks for Bon Appetit. I love the little sandwich skewers!

Canadian Family has a whole slide show of ideas! Homemade Granola bars, honey ricotta fondue, chicken waldorf sandwich kebabs, and more!

Eat Right Ontario has a great article on the how-tos of packing a school lunch. Equipment you might need, how to keep it food safe, and nutritional info.

I love these lunch ideas by Eating well, and will probably use them myself because they look sooooo yummy. Lots of sandwiches, but there's a date walnut bar recipe, salads and a dairy free macaroni bake, along with a vegan dairy free fig and raspberry rice pudding.

Need something to keep you organized? Today's Parent has a Lunchbox tool, with menus completely planned out for you. Select the lunch you'll make and it will generate your list, complete with recipes and a shopping list! Now that's kinda cool!

What do I make for lunch? With a teenager who is constantly hungry, it's a challenge. Here's my BIG list of lunch recipes! Jake has access to a microwave, but I'll assume that most of you don't and list the stuff that doesn't have to be heated.

Lots of great bloggers have fantastic lunch ideas too! Did you know you can make popcorn in a paper bag in the microwave? Andrea has some delicious ideas, like home made pretzels, 10 things you can do with a roast chicken, and banana bread. If I tried to list everyone this post would be miles long, so it's YOUR turn!

Write about your favorite lunch, what your kids love, what makes you nostalgic, or even your biggest fails. I've messed up plenty in the lunch department, by sending in everything from raw meat to hurling stuff across the kitchen. Share!

Here's what you do to enter for prizes:

1. Link up ONCE below with your lunch themed recipe, idea, story, Youtube video, tweet, or photo . Make sure the link goes to the actual post and it's YOURS, not just your blog in general. (I will be checking the links) The idea here is to generate as many ideas about how to make lunch fun, interesting, and healthy so we all can learn from each other! It can be from your archives, even!

2. Browse other people's links, my links, or head on over to Fed Up With Lunch and browse the links there. Mingle, mingle!

3. Come back and leave a comment telling me at least ONE of your favorite links, tips, recipes, etc. Include an email address or twitter handle so I can contact you.

4. For an extra entry for the prizes, visit and then tell ME what item you'd like best from their site.

5. For another extra entry, go visit Jamie and sign the Food Revolution Petition, then come back and leave me a comment. If you've already signed it, leave an comment to tell me. Did you know that Food Revolution won an EMMY?

(You must be over 19 to play, AND live in the continental USA or Canada. Party will close midnight August 29th, 2010)

Let the lunch fun begin!

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