Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday Linky Round Up

If you haven't been over to my food blog Chasing Tomatoes this week, here's what's been going on:

(Edited to add:I just noticed it's not Wednesday and had to change the title. Oops!)

1. Jake and I discover that ingredients on packages differ between the real package and the internet, plus make some great local real food finds.

2. I broke my blogging rules and yelled at nutritionist Julie Daniluk for a spot she did on ETalk, then we chatted, and made up. She's really super cool. I posted her response. If you like drama, you might want to check that out, but promise you'll be nice, okay? Neither of us need more drama.

3. My latest meal plan is up at Everything Mom.com, with some great recipes from Loralee, Nugglemama, and Shannon. My recipe is a really yummy braised shortrib stew-like dish that you ladle over mashed potatoes. Jake inhaled it.

4. If you haven't heard, the focus of Recipes from the Cookie Jar changed, as well as the name, to Chasing Tomatoes. I put myself on a year long real food challenge. I bought the domain, too-and it will be changing over this weekend if I can figure it all out. (fingers crossed)

Have a great week everyone and enjoy those last few days of summer!

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