Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Food Revolution Road Trip day 15: Foodie Heaven

Places to Go, things to do!
-shop, shop, and shop and..there's something fun happening at our hotel

Food Revolution Challenge:
discover THE best hotel breakfast EVER, have our last sit down restaurant meal, and discover a drool worthy kitchen shop.

We sleep better than we have ever slept in the past two weeks. THIS hotel, my friends, is the favorite hotel of our trip. I've raved about it before. The little touches; Neutrogena toiletries, soft music, gardens, fast internet, coffee always on, a nice lounge to relax in, THESE are the things that make this place incredible.

I'll be honest-I don't stay in five star resorts, and I wouldn't know true luxury unless it literally walked up and smacked me upside the head. I'm easily pleased. This hotel, I LOVE.
(read reviews on Trip Advisor) Even the owner, who we chatted with last year, works the front desk and recognizes us. I highly recommend you stay here. It's the nicest hotel of our entire vacation, and not even the most expensive.

We wander out for breakfast, and I sigh with pleasure. Now THIS is more like it. Next to the Sheraton in Tucson, this hotel breakfast outdoes every hotel we've previously stayed at. The selection of food, the presentation, and quality is far about the little processed "egg" omelets and white bread posing as wheat. There's everything you can think of; sliced melon, cold cereal, oatmeal, yogurts, and...are those real eggs? I'm not sure. I think so, they look like real eggs, with little flecks of chives and bits of cheese. To my surprise, I'm suddenly excited and have to stop myself from doing a jig in the breakfast bar. Who gets excited over real eggs? This food revolution thing is making me goofy.

Control, control. Breathe. It's just food.

My plate is filled with cheese and chive scrambled eggs, rosemary flecked breakfast potatoes, and a piece of toast. It's delicious, and as we sit and sip our coffee, all three of us sigh in contentment. What a great way to start the day-and we need the energy, because it's time for shopping! This is where we buy back to school gear, jeans, and lots of brand name stuff for less than half of what we pay at home, and plus there's NO tax. We'd be crazy NOT to shop.

Hubs drops me off at the outlets to browse through the Columbia, Nike, and Eddie Bauer stores and leaves. My boys know me well. I cannot stand shopping with them, because it usually means they follow me around about a foot away, commenting on everything I touch and loudly proclaiming their boredom until I just want to turn around and scream,

"Don't you have something BETTER TO DO?!"

See, they know this. Coffee, and shopping by myself makes me a happy happy girl.

The day was full, my friends. Lunch was at the hotel from our food stuff, and then we were off to shop some more. That evening we decided to head down to the Old Mill district and to Greg's Grill, where Jake and I had the most amazing Seared Ahi Tuna sandwich last year. It was still on the menu, and we couldn't resist having it as our last sit down restaurant meal of the trip. You have not lived until you've had real, seared, Ahi Tuna encrusted with sesame.

The grounds are pretty, with lots of flowers.

Greg's Grill. A MUST visit!

Ah, yum. Greg's Grill is a fantastic restaurant, and as Jake noted, it would so nice to have it near our house so we could visit often and try every single thing on the menu. I have to say they are the ONLY restaurant that I've eaten at where the yam fries are actually crispy instead of soggy, and SO delicious. (dip them in rice flour before deep frying makes them crispy) Since we can't visit more than once a year, I'll just recommend it to you and you'll have to let me know! We then wandered through the Old Mill district and browsed through Allyson's Kitchen, where the foodie came out in us as we drooled over all the fun gadgets and cheap prices of Kitchen Aid food processors. I resolved to save up my cash next year to spend on kitchen things rather than clothes. Jake had a blast showing me all the cool gadgets, and I think he wished I had lots to spend there too!

Back at the hotel, Hubs and I sneak away from Jake for a coffee in the lobby, and we overhear that a pile of celebrity chefs are descending on the hotel for the Sagebrush Classic. My ears perk up immediately. Chefs? Really? Here? Oooo, I like this.

Who knows who we might run into?

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