Monday, August 23, 2010


Summer is drawing to a close. There's what, only 2 weeks of vacation left? I can't believe it went that quickly. It feels like Jake and I just didn't have time to do all the things we planned to do. Last week Jake decided to take the whole idea of local food literally, and went crabbing.

Fishing at the Pier

Everyone around him caught crabs and fish, he said, but he came up short. What's with that? So the next day, we went to Gibsons landing and walked the docks.

When Jake was little, we lived in Campbell River and walking the docks was our reprieve from the summer heat. He would count the tires on the tugs, and we would check out all the swanky yachts that had come to visit.

Fishy Planter

Don't you love this planter? I think the plant (Hens and Chicks, I believe) looks like coral growing.

Boat Tomatoes!

Look at that! Even on a boat, someone is growing their own tomatoes. I was impressed. I had planned to grow tomatoes this year, but somehow that just didn't happen.

Down at the Docks

With a little bit of walking, we struck gold. A fisherman was selling one to one and a half pound crabs for $12 each. Did you know that the crabs you see in the tanks at grocery stores are usually over three weeks old? The boats stay out in the ocean until they fill their quota, and just continually change the water to keep the crabs alive. The crabs that we found are caught in our local waters, only the day before.

We had a very interesting conversation, too. At the moment, prawn season is over so even if I had wanted to buy fresh, I can't. Or if I do, the prawns that I would be buying would be a) thawed or b) illegal. He also gave Jake some great crabbing tips; use turkey necks, and have longer rope. We suspect that Jake's rope wasn't long enough to reach the bottom of the bay.

Guess what's on the menu tomorrow?

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