Monday, August 09, 2010

Cookie Crumbs: Hedgehoggy

Me: "Are you sure? It's warm. They'll melt."

Hubs: "They won't melt. The trunk is cool."

Me: "Yes they will. Chocolate. Warm-ish car. Meltage. I am hauling Purdy's hedgehogs all the way from Vancouver to South Dakota to Salt Lake City, and they are going to melt before we even leave."

Hubs: "They are NOT GOING TO MELT. Get over it! Let's go get Starbucks."

Me: " You don't understand. They are for Loralee. I've been reading her blog like, forever and I promised her I'd bring her Purdy's hedgehogs. I think that meant ones that are all in one piece and not mushy puddles of goo. I just CAN'T bring ruined hedgehogs."

Hubs: (eyeroll) "They will be FINE."

Me: "Fine. But if those babies melt, I am SO TELLING LORALEE it's ALL YOUR FAULT. And give her permission to BLOG it. "

Hubs: "Isn't that what you do anyway?"

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