Monday, July 12, 2010


Many people comment on how organized they think I am. Which, I guess in theory, might be correct. But what they don't know is that underneath the organized persona I allow people to see, lies a completely scattered and disorganized woman.

Exibit A... My t-shirt drawer

Exibit B...My baking cupboard (no Audrey, I haven't changed in the last 6 years)

Awhile ago Mabels Labels very graciously sent me some fantastic spice labels to try out. I've had plans for a long time to get some nice smallish sized mason jars to store my spices in, kinda like Michael Smith's pantry. (have you seen his pantry? I love it. Total foodie heaven)
I should also add here that Mabels Labels are THE Awesome. Durable, nice to look at, and all around my favorite label company EVER. If you haven't seen them before, go check them out!

So back to my spice cupboard...I just haven't gotten around to getting the jars. Hey, I'm busy! I'll pick some up this summer. It's going to be my little project, to get my cupboards all organized.

Anyway, awhile ago I found some really great sea salt, and decided to try it. But...oh uh, there is a teeny problem....

Can you see where this might be a problem? And those dark bits in my salt? Pepper.

Before I got around to actually labeling the jars, Hubs very kindly made me a cup of coffee one morning. He brought it to me with a flourish, and I was so thrilled at his gesture, until I took a sip and almost immediately began to gag.

Yep. SALT in my coffee. He mixed them up. Of course, they weren't even labeled.
I immediately dug out the labels and fixed them onto the jars, thinking I'd solved the problem. For awhile it did work, until a few weeks ago when I fixed myself a steaming cup of coffee, settled into the couch, and took a long sip.


Just so you know, salty coffee is probably one of the most disgusting things I've ever tasted.


Now I have the jars in opposite ends of the kitchen, and I plan to get patterned lids for one of them to tell them apart. But knowing me, I'll likely end up with salt in my coffee again eventually.

I'm just kinda scattered like that. What are your challenges in the kitchen?

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