Saturday, July 17, 2010

No Place Like Home

Finally, we are really home. Last time it was only sorta home. On the way there, actually, but not really there.

The last post came to you from Bend, Oregon as we relaxed in this beautiful hotel, with it's oak moldings, marble table tops, and classical music wafting through the halls. Last night I sipped coffee with chocolate flavored creamer and we could hear the strains of the Steve Miller band reverberating from the amphitheater below in the Old Mill district as they rocked out a crowd on the lawn. Jake tried to convince me to leave my comfy hotel bed and walk with him through the crowd below but honestly, I was just too tired.

It's been a fun two weeks but it's good to be home.

Today we traveled over 500 miles, biting our nails at the border in anticipation of getting back to our Mother-land and looking forward to our own beds, Nabob coffee brewed just the way we like it, and my M&M brownie cookies that were waiting in the freezer.

I was looking forward to my computer and finally talking to all of YOU through Twitter without having to be secret and cryptic.

The computer has been fired up, updated and ready to face the internet after a 2 week absence, and what happens?

Twitter locks me out.

Traitor. Now I have to wait an hour. What will I do that long without my twitter?!?

Anywhoooo, I guess I can amuse myself with downloading the gazillion pictures we took, or cleaning my house that looks like a wolf family inhabited it because things were so INSANELY busy before we left. It almost makes me want to go back to the pristinely spotless hotel rooms with maids, but you can't have everything.

Hope your weekend is fabulous and full of sun, BBQ, and cold drinks.

Food Revolution Road Trip starts this Monday and goes for two weeks straight, so enjoy!

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