Thursday, July 29, 2010

Food Revolution Road Trip: Elephant Hill-Video!

Last year as we trekked out to conquer the trail Fins N' Things, I almost completely lost my mind as, perched on the side of a mound of slickrock, I peered into the canyon below.

I'm either gullible or stupid (maybe both?) because this year I was talked into coming along on Elephant Hill, which happens to be one of the most technical roads in the STATE of UTAH. When I arrived at the visitor's center in Needles and asked the ranger what the road conditions were, they looked at me like I just asked if Britney Spears was in the building.

Crazy Canadian tourists.

Ya. Fun times. This time I took video. They look tame, I realize, and I don't say a whole lot because I'm partly thinking "Geez, maybe I should get out of the way because if the jeep slides I'm right here in front of it and could become squashed into the slickrock." I'm learning about the whole video thing. It's a process.

Enjoy! They are all pretty short, but give you a little idea what jeeping is like.

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