Thursday, July 22, 2010

Food Revolution Road Trip Day 4: It's a Foreign Country

The most expensive bike, ever, considering the time it was made. I forgot to grab all the details but the guy who owned this had everything covered in chrome and etched with intricate designs, etc. Picture taken at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum.

Things to do, places to go:

It's the fourth of July!
See the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum
Join a family for fireworks and a BBQ

Try shopping at the Sturgis Dakotamart

This morning, we wake and I have a plan.

"Here Jake, take this," I thrust a box of Multi-grain Cheerios at him. "You can have these for breakfast instead of the toast." Jake grins with delight.

"Really? I was wanting to have some. Cool!" He clutches the box and as the elevator door closes, Hubs looks at us in disbelief.

"You're not going to...isn't that a bit...tacky?" Hubs shakes his head.

"Hey, anything for Food Revolution. These have no high fructose corn syrup. Just be discreet about, okay Jake? Like hide the box under the table or something."

Jake nods, clutches his box like it's a precious commodity, and practically skips to the breakfast bar. This time, it's a teeny bit better. There are hard boiled eggs, which I enjoy and don't look processed. As we fix ourselves breakfast, I watch people. A woman is sitting across from us with a can of Mountain Dew while she watches her kids eat donuts, and another family has two little girls with ribbons the color of the American flag fighting over who stole the best chair, and then whose yogurt is a better flavor. Jake happily downs his bowl of cereal and for a minute, I feel a little better about breakfast. At least HE ate something really healthy. I'm not sure if my sorta-wheat-bread really was any good for me.

The plan to to drive out to Custer and say hello to the owners of Scott's Rock Shop. We went on a rock hounding tour with them last year and loved it so much that we returned, hoping to go on another one. Unfortunately, this year we were out of luck. Not only were no tours running, but Alan was really busy and unable to take us out.

The bonus? We were invited back that evening to watch the fireworks with his family at the best seats in the house-their backyard. How does it get any better than that? We were stoked.

Next on the plan was to visit the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum. We wandered through the old machines, Hubs and Jake talking mechanics and engines while I just looked at the nice paint jobs. Honestly, I have no interest in how they work, I just like being a passenger on one. The museum is pretty cool though and I highly recommend it if you are passing through town.

Finally, we decided to visit a grocery store and pick up things to eat for lunches. Our hotel room had a fridge and we fully intended to use it. Shopping in the USA has to be just like Canada, right? We're not THAT different.


First challenge was bread. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find bread that is whole wheat and has no high fructose corn syrup? It's hard. As in, search every stupid brand of bread until you want to toss one across the store in frustration hard. Finally I found a loaf of Wheat Montana Healthy Loaf bread, which was the ONLY one in the store that fit my criteria. And cost about $4. OUCH.

Next was tortillas for wraps. The only kind I could find were Mission 10" large flour tortillas, which looked okay until I read the label. 630 mg of sodium in ONE freaking tortilla? Are they joking? Wait, there's 8" whole wheat ones. 460 mg? What the hell are they doing, dipping these babies in salt?

I ended up settling for some other brand I've never heard of that still had more sodium than I liked, but not quite THAT much.

Milk wasn't quite so hard. Land O'Lakes looked good, and it was easy to find the 1% so we put one in the basket. We fill the basket with gourmet mustard, avocado, red pepper, grapes, apricots, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, carrots, a bear shaped container of honey, and bananas. Cheese was CRAZY cheap at only $1.50 for a good sized package that easily would have cost $5 here at home. Jake couldn't believe our good fortune, and suddenly the cheese became the highlight of the day as he picked out a block of pepper jack and one of colby/jack mixed. Yum!

Things became confusing at the deli counter.

"Um, I'll have 300 grams of roast turkey meat, please."

The girl looked at me like I just ordered something completely foreign.

"Excuse me? Grams? We sell the meat by the ounce or by the pound."

Oh, crap. Pounds, Okay, what's 300 in pounds? Never mind. 250 grams? Is that...half a pound? Wait, around 500 grams is a pound but I want more than 250, so 350? Is that 3/4 of a pound? What about ounces? Isn't 8 a pound, and 4 a half a pound, which would be 250 grams, or....?

"I'll take half a pound, then." What the hell. I never said I was good at math and this is confusing the hell out of me.

Back at the hotel I lay out the tortillas and begin filling them. First the mustard, then the turkey. I realize that I forgot my knife at home and Jake comes to the rescue with his multi-tool. The hotel desk has become my kitchen counter and I continued to stuff those tortillas with veggies, next. Shredded carrots, strips of sweet red bell pepper, slices of avocado, a bit of cheese, and a bunch of sprouts to top it off. Hubs and Jake hover, mouths watering, as I work. Roll, hand one off to them one at a time, pour some milk, sit, and eat.

"Oh my God Mom, these are SOOO good," Jake mumbled with his mouth full. "WAY better than a restaurant. I love the sprouts, they're sweet!"

Hubs bit into his peanut butter sandwich and sighed with contentment.

"This bread is really, really good. I'll bet it would make great toast."

Toast? Ah, that gives me an idea....

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