Saturday, July 31, 2010

Food Revolution Road Trip Day 12: It's All What You're Used To

Places to Go, things to Do!

-Jeep through Onion Creek, Thompson Canyon

Food Revolution Challenge:
-we CAVE. Kinda sorta.
-Jake discovers a new culinary creation

It's the last day of jeeping, and we decide that after doing Elephant Hill we want something easy and relaxing. We've done the Onion Creek trail before, but it's loads of fun so we go back.

I highly recommend this trail if you have a 4x4 vehicle-it's loads of fun and not hard at all!

We bumped along the trail, relaxed, and took in some really nice views. Thompson Canyon/Beaver Mesa is more difficult, and you need a jeep for that trail.

Stopping right before we make our way to Beaver Mesa.

The views of Castle Valley are spectacular! We loved every second of it and soon it was time to take the jeep in to be washed and dropped off at the rental place. Wow that went by quick! Our time in Moab always goes quickly and we're always planning things to do when we return. Soon we were off browsing through the shops, picking up souvenir t-shirts and just hanging out.

That night we were back at the Moab Brewery and Jake decided that on his last night, he was going to have the most gooey, delicious, burger and fries with a cold rootbeer.

"It's a celebration," he said. "On our last day I gotta have something special. It's going to be my only gooey and disgustingly delicious dinner of the trip."

We let him go ahead, stealing the odd fry and having a sip of the rootbeer. Ahhhh, delicious. It's okay, we can't be perfect. I had discovered Starbucks light frappuccinos the day before and had already had a few while we were in Moab. I find that when it's smoking hot outside, Food Revolution is harder to stick to. I find that I just want something, anything, that is COLD and make me feel more hydrated.

We load up at the grocery store again, and by now it's becoming a routine. I can handle this! I finally know what I'm doing! The grapes are delicious and sweet, I find some really great granola bars, and we stock up on more Fage yogurt and honey. Then Jake comes running after me with something in his hand.

"Hey Mom, look at this! They even sell pre-made calamari!" He waves the package around.

"Um, sweetie? That's not calamari." I take the package from him. "These are pork rind cracklings, I think." I briefly explain what they are and watch as his face turns a few different shades of green and he shoves them back on the shelf.

"EW. I'll take calamari any day."

It's fascinating, this whole food thing. My teenager will eat deep fried squid over pork rinds, whereas I'm positive a kid from the South would probably feel the same way about calamari.

It all depends on where you are from, and what you're used to, isn't it?

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