Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food Revolution Road Trip Day 10: Rocky

Places to Go, Things to do!
-Jeep up to Gemini Bridges and Long Canyon

Food Revolution Challenge:
-visit the City Market and who is this creepy guy who wants to give me his phone number?

Hubs learned last year that the way to get me in the mood for a more extreme 4x4ing experience was the build me up to it by starting with something easy. We had already been talked into doing Elephant Hill tomorrow and I'm a little freaked out by that idea, so today we are doing two of our favorite trails close to Moab.

It's hot, it's dusty, and we joke about being "shaken, not stirred" as we crawl up rocks and take in vistas like this one..

Moab HighwayThat's the high way below, winding into Moab.

side blotched lizard
We bump our way along, crawling up rocks and keeping an eye out for squirrels, kangaroo rats, and side blotched lizards.

If any of you go to Gemini Bridges, please don't even consider jumping from one bridge to the other. It's quite a distance and just after we were actually there, a boy scout attempted that very thing and fell. He died. The desert isn't a forgiving place and people need to realize that it doesn't take much to get yourself in a bad situation in a hurry. Stay far from the edges, keep a hand on your kids, and stay on the trails. If you have teenagers talk to them about keeping safe and not doing any stupid stunts.

There was a group of boy scouts with our tour when we were whitewater rafting. It's pretty sobering to realize later that we just might have met the boy who lost his life in that very spot.

After viewing the bridges from the top we make our way back down to Hey Jo trail, which takes us to the bottom of the bridges and a different perspective. I convince Hubs to take a picture of ME, since I'm the photographer and there's never any pictures to prove I was actually there.

I'm smiling but I'm really thinking, "Take this picture fast as I'm roasting to DEATH and bugs are eating me."

Bugs were bad this year. Whole clouds would follow the jeep as we drove, and we often forgot the bug spray because ya, we're that smart.

We stay in the car and eat our packed lunch of sandwiches, fruit, granola bars, and piles of water, then drive Pucker Pass and Long Canyon. The first time we did this, it was a bit freaky. Now? Bah! Simple!

That afternoon the heat gets a bit much for us and we retreat to the air conditioned comfort of our hotel, and Jake simply melts into slumber.

Now before someone e-mails me about him being sunburned and calls me a bad parent, just know that I TOLD him repeatedly when we were white water rafting that he needed to slather on more sunblock and he outright refused. Rather than fight with him, I did the best I could and let it go. The picture looks worse than it actually was.

Later on that day, we go to the City Market for some groceries. Moab, we find, is entirely different than Rapid City. Produce abounds! There's a huge selection of ready peeled/washed fruit all packaged up-it's pricey, but wow! That's cool! We have no problem finding bread, wraps, even granola bars this time, and the deli is stocked with lots of good stuff.

Now THIS is more my speed. I am loving this store. that FAGE yogurt? I had seen the stuff online, but never tried it. Fage greek yogurt and honey sounds delish, so we stuff some in our basket. I notice that all the price tags say something about a member card so at the deli, I decide to ask a clerk what it's about. Do they have a spare one for tourists? Apparently not, I'm told. I have to sign up for one.

There's a guy about my age at the deli counter who leans over and says,
"I'll give you my phone number."

I look at him briefly and wonder what the HELL he's talking about. Weirdo. Of course I don't want his phone number.

"I'll give you my phone number, EH?!" he repeats. I look at him, confused by now.

"Oh sorry, bad joke." he mumbles.

"Wait a sec," Suddenly it dawns on me, "Do I need a phone number for the member card? I wasn't understanding you."

The woman with him (his wife?) rolls her eyes and tries to look busy studying what's in the deli case. Probably thinking that we just some god-awful stupid Canadians, I'm guessing.

"Ya," he grins. "I don't mind," he rattles off a phone number that I hastily write down.

"Hey, thanks! I appreciate it!" I clutch the piece of paper which, for the rest of the entire trip, allows us to get member discounts at City Market for almost a whole week. What a great guy, huh? Willing to help a girl out on her quest for cheap(ish), good food. Really, whoever you were, thanks!

And here I thought he was trying to pick me up.

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