Friday, July 16, 2010

Food Revolution Fridays: A Kick Ass Meatball!

For the longest time I used to buy jarred spaghetti sauce. At one point I discovered home made, and that was it-no processed stuff for me again! Kludgymom wrote a guest post over at Recipes From the Cookie Jar, and these little mouthwatering bits of goodness are all hers. Want the how to? Hop on over and snag the recipe-I'm going to have to try this recipe myself! Yum!

And, have you been wondering what all that innuendo and vague things I've been posting about where I've been and what I've been doing since summer started? Really?


I've been on a VACATION.

A 2 week, 8000 km, 8 state road trip through the USA to be exact, which has included whitewater rafting, jeeping in wild places, hunting through grocery stores for healthy foods, shopping in outlets (I LOVE outlets), and more.

I couldn't, for safety reasons, blog live about our experiences so over the next two weeks you are going to get to come along with us as I take you through our trip. Well-after I do some laundry, sleep, and have some REAL coffee first. There's funny stories, Food Revolution foibles, adventures, stories about our challenges with eating healthy on the road, and lots about the fun things we did! Blogging live would have been difficult as our hotels didn't have internet connections most of the time, and in an effort to stay unplugged I didn't take a laptop. The virus and no internet thing? Totally true. Our hotel computer in Utah had some super weird virus and I didn't dare try access any of my accounts from there. So no, I didn't totally LIE to you all, I't tell you everything.

At one point, even Jamie Oliver got in on our adventure as I let him know via Twitter what we were doing, and he encouraged us to keep at it, because good food is worth going the extra mile! And extra miles we DID go, as in one adventure. He had no idea how prophetic those words would be!

Just to give you a taste of some of the food we encountered, how about these lovely cookies, which literally caused Jake and I to stop dead in our tracks at the grocery store in sheer horror?

photo credit: Torley


Jake: "And people actually EAT THOSE?"

What's one of the weirdest things you've found at YOUR local grocery store?

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