Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An Open Letter to Motorists

Awhile ago, Carrie over at Musings from Mt. Rogo posted An Open Letter to Motorcycle Riders. As I read, I cringed. Really? Do people act that stupid? I really hoped they didn't.

Then last Saturday I went for a ride with Hubs into the city.

It was the most beautiful day that we'd had in months. Hubs and I were set to ride the country roads through the Fraser Valley out to Agassi and back, winding by lakes, farms, and enjoying every single ounce of sunshine that nature had to offer. As I sat on the back of the bike, taking in the fresh air and scenery, I began to remember Carrie's post and all of a sudden, I began to notice things. Things that I thought that as a motorcycle passenger, I needed to point out to motorists in the spirit of sharing the road.

1) We motorbikes may be smaller and maneuverable, but don't cut us off or tailgate us. We are doing the speed limit, and if you can't handle that, then wait until a good time to pass. I would seriously rather NOT kiss your bumper, thanks. Give us lots of room, and we'll give you lots, too! We will NOT cruise in and out of cars or down the shoulder, that is just sheer stupidity. But then don't creep up within inches of us, or just cut us off unexpectedly. If we have to stop suddenly, I don't have a seatbelt to keep me from flying OFF THE BIKE.

Give motorcycles the same amount of space that you give a car. We can stop faster than you, and if we have to hit the brakes you will then have time to stop without literally running right over us.

2) You car drivers are more on display than you think. I can see you chatting on your cell phones, texting, reading books, applying makeup, and checking a map while going 90 km/hr on the highway. In fact I admit to being really shocked at how many of you are not paying attention to the road. Can't you just drive and save that stuff for later?

3) If you are changing lanes, it's a good idea to look. We are in an obvious spot. If you don't look and drift over the line right into us (as almost happened), it's not my car door you are going to sideswipe. It's MY FREAKING LEG that you'll take off.

4) I realize that we are vulnerable out there, and so we take the precautions of wearing the proper helmets (no beanies here!) and other gear. We don't take stupid risks or have anything to prove by roaring down the highway and acting like idiots. It's our job to be as safe as possible because I want to come home in one piece, thanks.

In fact, what does Hubs keep in his mind every time we hit the road?

Every single one of you out there is possibly dangerous.

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