Thursday, June 10, 2010

Food Revolution Friday: Bullety Edition

There's lots of little bits here and there to share with you, so this week I'm going bullety!

  • Last Friday I went to a friend's house and we sat in her backyard by a fire, noshing on buffalo/beef burgers and drinking cider. It was AMAZING. I didn't want to go home! Can I just pitch a tent back there? I promise I'll be cleaner than the bear that keeps making nightly visits and trying to steal the bird feeders. It was perfect. There's something about cooking together that's just so much FUN! Next time I'm bringing my camera because between the gorgeous birds and her garden, there's so much opportunity for wonderful photos.
  • I had a cold a few weeks ago that went away, but in all that coughing I somehow tore some muscles in my ribs. OUCH. It hurts to laugh, sneeze, cough, breathe. Lovely!
  • People at work keep bringing curries for lunch. I love curries. All week, I have had lunch envy. Perhaps this will inspire me to try some from the curry section in Food Revolution. (drool)
  • speaking of curry, last Sunday I made Jamie Oliver's Salmon Tikka and we decided that it is hands down our favorite recipe yet from Food Revolution. If you make any recipe from that book, you MUST make this one.
  • We have a virus in our house. Jake and Hubs are both feeling under the weather, and we're all ready for school to END and to be on summer holidays!
What are you looking forward to this summer? Grilling? Campfires? For me, it's sleeping in, less work, and more writing time. Can't wait! While you think about it, here's a photo of that amazing Salmon Tikka:

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