Friday, June 18, 2010

Food Revolution Friday: Summer Fun

So after I announced that vacation, I took it seriously. Last night I was in bed by 6:30 pm, and I slept right through until 6:00 am. Talk about tired beyond reason, people. It's a good thing I'm on vacation!

Jake just wrote his last exam and officially, my baby is ready for grade 10. I feel OLD! OLD, I tell you! I can't be a Mom to a kid in senior high! It's not possible!

Let's just say to all you Moms with babies; it goes a HELL of a lot faster than you think.

And?! It's so not fair that I have to work for another 2 weeks and he is finished school, so he gets to sleep in and relax all day while I slave away at work. I might have to refrain from bursting into his room early in the morning and demanding that he GO TO SCHOOL, dammit, because if I have to, so does HE! (grumble)

I suppose that now I'm finished making his school lunches for the year it sort of helps but still....

Anyway! Onto the Food Revolution.

I was just by Jamie Oliver's YouTube Channel, and did you know that he has posted a whole bunch of how to videos to go with his recipes in the Food Revolution Cookbook? Like this one for Sizzling Black Bean Beef. Now watching it, I realized that I cooked it wrong, so I might just try again!


This week we cooked up his Asparagus soup with a poached egg and toast. It was really, really delicious. I added a little crispy prosciutto on top as a garnish, and the salty, crunchy bits really added to the soup.

We just had a bit leftover in the fridge and you know, we just love our prosciutto. Regular bacon might be nice too.

What have you been up to? We are throwing healthy eating to the winds tomorrow, since I'm taking Jake out for gelato to celebrate the end of the school year. We might check out some new places, like those listed in this Fish and Chips 101 from the Vancouver Sun. I'm not really a fish and chip fan, but they have lots of great food that Jake and I will have to try!

What's summer like for you? Easier to eat healthy? Hard? What summer fare do you like best? And when it's too hot to cook, what do you do? Let me know!

Edited to add: If you are into gardening, Jamie Oliver's site has a HUGE section on gardens with loads of articles, how-tos, the works! Makes me wish I had a garden too!

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