Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Food Revolution Friday: A Holiday Weekend Feast!

I'm Ali from I Have Bubbles In My Tummy. I responded to Scattered Mom's shout out for guest bloggers because I love her blogs. One of the things that I love the most about her blogs, and I guess about her, is that her son is as involved in the kitchen as she is. Minus the teenage moody angst time of course. What I love about Jake being in the kitchen is that it's my dream for K and P. In addition to having them grow up to be loving, caring and happy human beings of course. I'm really hoping that they learn to love good food and know how to make some of it themselves. I also hope that P grows up loving whatever shape her toddler body grows into. Is that too much to ask? I'm hoping not.

On to the good food. Today's Food Revolution Friday menu is:

Fajita burgers in homemade buns with pico de gallo and guacomole

Doesn't that look spectacular? It's a good thing I took a picture because they didn't last long. P even at part of her bun which she almost never does. Bread is not her favorite food. I'm hoping this serves her well later in life.

This is a really fast meal to throw together, particularly if you don't make the buns from scratch or you have them already made. The burgers take mere minutes to mix together and then approximately 10 min on the BBQ.

Clockwise from the top, bread crumbs, chopped sweet pepper, I used yellow because that's what I had, pepper, chopped garlic, salt and chili powder. Not included in the picture, due to my poor planning, 1 beaten egg and the ground beef.

This is as close as you'll be getting to the uncooked burgers; the other pictures are out of focus. GRRR!

About half way through the cooking process. Yum! (And I have no idea why there is a screw on the BBQ. I'll ask M and get back to you.)

Fresh off the BBQ!

Pico de gallo (clockwise from top left): minced jalapeno, sweet onion, cilantro, seeded plum tomatoes. The key here, says PW, is to have equal amounts of onion, cilantro and tomato. Finish it off with a squeeze of lime and some salt. Delicious!

The makings of the guacamole. Nothing to it once the pico de gallo is made. Mush up an avocado and then throw in some pico de gallo and mix. Taste it and then add more pico de gallo or salt or both. It's done when you think it tastes right. Easy enough. Now, try not to eat the whole bowl before your burgers are ready. Much harder.

Onto the bun recipe! Keep reading for directions...

Edited to add(by Scatteredmom)...Mr. Linky! What is everyone up to this holiday weekend? Are you hosting an event or going to one? Fireworks? Day at the lake, out with family? Whatever you do this Canada Day or Fourth of July, keep it safe and fun! Link away below and let us know.


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