Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoom Zoom

Photo Credit: Samantha Decker (her photos are amazing. Go check them out!)

So, as you all know, my Hubs bought himself a new little TOY over the weekend. I have to giggle-here MY version of a new toy would be possibly a laptop, or a new camera, and HIS version is some sparkly red and black motorcycle.

Ah, the guy needed a vehicle. He's been drooling over bikes for years. I knew this was coming. We've worked it out and plan to save, save, save over the next while to pay things off, and agreed to NO frivolous type buying. (which means I won't be getting a camera anytime soon) Nope, this bike alone will be our entertainment.

Besides, what better way to bond with my husband then to be his biker babe roaring along windy country roads next to the ocean?

Heaven, I tell you. Just heaven.

Last night we went for a short ride, stopping at Starbucks along the way for a quick coffee. We sat there, eyes glazed in contentment. Has it really been 17 years since that pivotal ride when he proposed at the top of Mount Seymour? Time sure flies.

"You know, you really could use a new helmet," he sips his coffee and nods at my old, but still usable, helmet.

"We also need jackets. These ones are okay but a real biker jacket would be warmer. You did promise me a leather one, once." I smile back. It was 10 years ago, actually. I didn't forget.

"Head sets are cheaper in the States. You know, so we can talk to each other."

"And gloves. My hands were freezing! Now I know why you wear gloves."

Our eyes met across the table, and we both burst out laughing.

"Somehow, I don't think we're finished quite yet," he grinned at me.

"Oh, I'm finished," smiling back sweetly, I took a slow sip of coffee. "Because I draw the line at leather chaps. Remember that."

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