Sunday, May 23, 2010

Win a SMART Board for Your Child's School (USA and Canada Eligible!)

SMART Technologies is currently running a contest on their Facebook page where parents can enter to win a SMART Board for their child's school or the school of their choice. When I heard about this promotion through Mom Central, I was very excited and then honored to be asked to help spread the word for this campaign.

As a special ed paraprofessional, I have seen first hand the exciting opportunities that SMART boards provide for kids with learning disabilities and special needs. Teachers can hook up their computers and class notes appear on the board, ready to be printed off with a touch of a button so that students with fine motor issues don't have to worry about writing the notes by hand. Words and objects are manipulated right on the board, allowing for maximum participation by the kids. As a special ed para, it's so exciting to me that my time isn't taken up writing notes and photocopying them, but instead I'm able to focus right on the students and the concepts at hand. These boards are probably the single coolest piece of technology I've ever seen in my workplace.

How do you win? Go to SMART Technologies Facebook page. Click on the tab that says "Win" and answer the question "Who is, or was, the best teacher in the World?" There is more information there about how you can get extra entries through Twitter and Delicious. You can also find out more about SMART Boards by checking out their site and viewing videos, reading other people's stories, or download a step by step guide for fund raising ideas to get SMART Boards in your child's school.

All you have to do to enter is answer one question:

Who was your best teacher ever?

This question made me pause. In the thirty one years I've been involved in public schools (either attending or as an employee), I've come across so many amazing teachers, support staff, volunteers and custodians, that I can't pick just one. I also can't just pick teachers, because I know that adults who connect with kids in school make a huge impact on them, no matter what part of school they work in.

What makes certain people special?

A grade 5 teacher who realizes that school is hard enough, and on a sunny weekend tells the kids their homework is to play outside.

The maintenance man who, on his own time, builds your son a table out of scrap wood for a socials studies presentation.

The learning assistance teacher who tirelessly advocates for her students in the face of opposition.

Principals who listen first and judge later.

A high school social studies teacher who makes every child in her class feel special, loved, and wanted.

Science teachers who make their curriculum more accessible by coming up with creative, hands on ways to teach it.

Paraprofessionals who tirelessly take all the notes in classes and make sure your dyspraxic child has them.

Staff who are compassionate, non judgmental, and care deeply about the students.

Secretaries who greet the kids every day with a smile, and know all their names.

I could go on forever, to be honest; there are just SO many.

Who is YOUR best teacher?

(disclosure: I am being given a $20 gift card to Amazon for participating in this blog tour. I'll likely use it to buy a cookbook I've had my eye on.)

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