Thursday, May 20, 2010

Photo Fun Week: What's on my Fridge?

You all hear about food so much here, what is actually on my fridge, hmmm?

1. A Mabel's Labels magnet because Mabel's Labels is the BOMB and I just LOVE their products. Love. Adore.

2. A print out of the month so I can write my menus all over them.

3. Jake's first, and hard won, award in elementary school.

4. A pic of little Jake and Hubs

5. The No Farms No Food bumper sticker is from the Farmer's market

6. Gorgeous hand made fishy magnets from a very talented childhood friend of mine, who is a great artist.

7. A Christmas card from She-Ra! Yes, readers do adorn my fridge. Want to be on my fridge too? Let me know and I'll tell you where to send a photo, postcard, card, or drawing.

What's on YOUR fridge?

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