Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Photo A Day: Stormy

So, the teenager thinks he's dying because we are torturing him.


Hubs and I decided to cut his computer free time after dinner, and he's really annoyed about that. Like it's the end of the world, people! We just want him to get his homework done because there's only like a month of school left, and then grade 9 is finished.

So get it together, man.

We endured the carnal wails of "But then what will I DO?!?!" and the eye rolls at our suggestions of obvious pursuits like reading, watching TV, or using that ancient hand held device with a speaker called a telephone.

Also last night, I laid down on the couch for a few seconds and promptly fell asleep before I could snap any pictures, dreaming about vacations and buying a swanky new Sherpani bag (no idea where that came from). This cough I've come down with has a tendency to keep me up lately, so I'm not getting much sleep. I woke up all drooly and looking for a new bag at around 10:30 pm, which was awfully weird.

Today's photo is out my kitchen window. We have a storm blowing through and I snapped one of the sky overlooking the Georgia Strait.

Those mountains in the distance? Vancouver Island. At night we can see the lights twinkling merrily across the strait. If it's a really stormy day, we can see the waves white-capping out there. On a nice day, it just looks blue and beautiful.

What's the view out your kitchen window? And are you torturing your children too?

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