Thursday, May 06, 2010

Food Revolution Friday:

What has inspired you this week in your Food Revolution? Last week Jamie Oliver challenged his Twitter followers to try his omlette recipe and send him a picture of how they turned out. I had missed it on Friday, but all I could think about all weekend was omlettes. I loooove omlettes. All cheesey and bacon filled, they are one of my favorite breakfast foods. So what if I can't flip one?

Sunday came, and it was omlettes. Cheesy, bacon filled, and I flipped at least one correctly. Make sure to watch Jamie's twitter stream this Friday, he might challenge you with something new! By the way the omlettes were easy. If Jake can make them in Foods class and get an A, I think anyone can make an omlette.

Food Revolution has inspired us to try more vegetables, and so I trekked over to the local farmer's market to find out what some of our local producers have on sale. It's only May but I brought home some tomatoes, cucumbers, and salad greens to nibble on.

Seriously, check out your local farmer's markets. I brought home a bag of greens that were so delicious that Jake sat at the kitchen table with the bag in his lap, eating salad greens straight from the bag.

"Mom, these are awesome," he mumbled with bits of lettuce sticking out of his mouth, like a rabbit. "Get more. I love it!" How can I argue when the kid is wolfing down salad greens right out of the bag?

Another thing Food Revolution has inspired us to do is to check out natural, locally produced food. I visited the home of Trugs, chatted with the lovely owners, and came home with a bunch of great samples to try. I can hardly wait! Jake and I plan to focus on lots of great local food producers over the next few months. We'll visit them, check out what they sell, try some recipes with them, and then tell you all about them so you can enjoy them too.

Lastly, I checked out the book "Chew on This" by Eric Scholsser and Charles Wilson, and read it cover to cover in no time. It's a great book for older kids to read, and really has a lot of information about how fast food companies market their products to young kids. Did you know that "one out of every three new toys given to American children comes from a McDonalds or another fast food chain"?

Wow. So when Santa Clara county passed a law that doesn't allow fast food places to give away toys, it was a HUGE step. When Jake was young I specifically remember him asking to go to McDonalds so he could get a Happy Meal, and knowing that he wasn't crazy about McDonald's food, I asked him point blank,

"Do you want to go for the toy, or for the food?"

"Mom. I hate the food. It's the TOY."

DUH. Did we go to McDonalds? No. I told him I'd take him to the Dollar store instead.

What have you been up to in your revolution? Anything to share? Have you signed the petition yet? GO! SIGN! Then link away so we can see what YOU have been up to!

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