Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food Revolution Friday: Cooking in the Revolution!

This week we tried out two more Jamie Oliver recipes from my copy of Food Revolution. So far, that brings the recipes I've made to 12, and my family has loved every single one of them. Not even just sort of loved, but lick-the-bowl-oh-my-god-you-MUST-make-this-again loved.

I also made a change that I've never thought would be possible, which is instead of serving a rice/potato/pasta side dish, I (wait for it) served TWO salads. TWO! I never could even get Hubs to eat ONE!

We are eating more vegetables then I ever thought possible.

What's up in our corner of the Revolution? I have lots of things to pass along to you.

-Mr. Oliver had a BIRTHDAY this week, so drop by his Twitter stream and wish him a Happy Birthday!

-Hellman's Mayonnaise is offering up to $100,000 in grants to people who want to start initiatives to bring together families and real food in their community. Thinking of starting a cooking class in your town? A community garden? Here's your chance!

-Check the salad mixes in your fridge! The Canadian Food Inspection agency issued a recall on Fresh Express salad mixes.

-Speaking of salads, over on Angie's Healthy Living Blog, there was a SALAD PARTY last week. I really like this idea! Have you got a really tasty salad idea? Tell me about it!

-I was busy last week writing some food related articles over at Recipes From the Cookie Jar. Head on over to find out:

Now it's your turn! I look forward to reading every single one of your posts so much..can't do this alone, you know! Let's keep the Revolution going!

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