Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You Know Your 14 Year Old Is Growing When...

  • He doesn't notice that his favorite sweatpants are 2 inches too short and wears them to school.
  • At dinner time, he eyes whatever is left on your plate, Hub's plate, or in any dish on the table and asks, "You gonna eat that?"
  • Upon getting into the car, he misjudges how tall he is and smacks his head on the door frame, every day for a WEEK.
  • Suddenly, he can touch the signs hanging from the ceiling on the ferry, and bats at them with wild abandon as you walk around, chirping, "Wow! I can touch them now! Cool!"
  • As you are scolding him for not doing his chores, he suddenly looks at you in confusion and remarks, "You really are short, you know?"
  • You realize that this summer you might have to sit in the BACK of the jeep when 4x4ing because he might not have enough leg room back there.
  • His shoes, already size 11, are getting too small
  • When comparing hand sizes, his are larger than yours, for the first time ever.
  • Those giant feet are nicknamed "Clodhoppers", and he trips over them constantly.
  • You finally get back all those hours that you didn't sleep when he was a baby, because he sleeps until noon.
  • You can sit in HIS lap.
  • When supper is over and he's stuffed sufficiently, he runs over, bends down and gives you a big bear hug before asking what's for dessert. And for bedtime snack. And then if there's anything else he can nibble on because he's just constantly hungry.
  • He still hugs you with wild abandon, only now he also picks you up clear off the floor.

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