Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So, yesterday was an interesting day. First of all, I came home from work to find e-mails and tweets from a reporter for the Globe and Mail, wanting to interview me about Food Revolution Fridays.

First response: "What the...? Why would they want to talk to ME?"

Second response: "Holy schnitzel on a stick they want to talk to ME." (the 14 yo gets credit for the saying.)

Some bloggers are used to this kind of thing. They go to the White House, they are on national television, they do these trips to Disney and whatever else they do, so they are all polished and professional and just do the business side of blogging real well.

Me? I didn't even know what Google analytics was until last week.

Anyway the interview is happening at some ridiculous time in the morning, because I have to work and can't be late. What would I say then? "No sorry, couldn't be here to help kids do their science because I'm being interviewed by the Globe and Mail." Sure, THAT would go over real well.

I just need to make sure I've had a coffee (or three) before I talk. I may possibly write down some notes so I don't go blank. At least I can be in my pjs and not worry that my hair looks weird.

*bites nails*

The other delightful surprise in my inbox was an e-mail about a fantastic blogging opportunity for a major food company.

A food company that produces...errrm...chips.


Don't get me wrong; I love chips. I'm mentioned them before in Fabulicious Friday (re-cap: Ms. Vickie's Sweet Chili Sour Cream and Lay's Sea Salt and Pepper are heaven). The opportunity was fantastic. National exposure. Huge company. Free chips! Writing! Fun things to do! Traffic! Oh, the traffic! So. Much. TRAFFIC.

I sat there staring at my screen, thinking. Hard. Thinking hard about all of you.

Could I? Could I rationalize chips? I mean, there's no secret that I like sweets because geez just look at that header. I believe in moderation. Chips are good in moderation. Right? The exposure...just the thought makes me weak. Maybe I could....

Over dinner I laid out the entire offer to Jake and Hubs. They listened while they dug into their fajita chicken salads. Somehow the more I talked, the less convinced I became, until Jake, chewing thoughtfully, suddenly nailed it.

"What would your readers think? I mean Mom, here's a blogger who has totally supported the Food Revolution. You are talking about healthy eating and encouraging people to cook, and suddenly you cave to a chip company who's offering you stuff? You almost never eat chips. What's with that? I think they're scared. I think sales are being affected. I'm not going to do it. Because in the end, Mom, the Food Revolution is more important. You are changing things."

Me? Changing things? Right. What, 10 people signed up? Who cares what a mom from Canada with a blog has to say?

"Mom if you WEREN'T, then why is the Globe and Mail calling you?"


Later I carefully composed an e-mail, took a deep breath, and hit send. As I did, I suddenly felt proud. No twinges of regret or loss, just proud of myself. Of Jake. Of all of us.

We're changing things, my friends. Together. One reader at a time.

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