Monday, April 12, 2010


I've been outed.

It's partly my own fault really, mostly because for some reason I've been more willing to talk about the fact that I blog to people in my life off the Internet. See, all this cooking I've been doing for those Everything Mom meal plans has spilled over into my real life, as sometimes I have more food than I know what to do with so I take it to work and gift people with cookies. When they start quizzing me on all the cooking, I finally have broken down and admitted that I have this other job where I cook and write.

Let me tell you a secret; when I was first asked to write meal plans for Everything Mom, I didn't have a lot of foresight. I thought I could come up with only one new recipe a week, and then use four already blogged ones. Easy! That won't take time at all, right!? HA! I quickly ran out of already blogged recipes, but still need five a week in order to write a meal plan.

You heard me. FIVE. New recipes. EVERY week.

Five recipes that include planning, shopping, organizing, cooking, cleaning up after, photographing, and writing about. Sometimes it takes over my life, people. Especially now that I've become a shameless opportunist and if I see ANYTHING that looks good I'm all, "So! Can I have the recipe?!"

I'm thinking that I now know exactly how Julie Powell felt, because baby that's pressure to produce every SINGLE night of the week. Don't get me wrong, I love it...but WOW talk about meal planning in the extreme. Some nights, I just want a sandwich. At least, like Julie, I don't have to cook aspic or something equally gross because I could just NOT do it.

But it's all good! Really! The experience has really pushed me to try new things, to produce, research, and check out new magazines, web sites, etc that I may never have tried before. I am enjoying myself.

Anyway, when people hear about the cooking thing, they usually are curious and ask a lot of questions, and more questions, until I break down and I'm all okay, fine. You see, I have this sort of blog thing going on, and THAT is what I do in my almost non existent spare time. Then they're all, "So what DO you write about then?" love affair with my iPod touch. Chocolate. How I smack Hubs in my sleep, or when Jake does something really dumb and teenager like.

Then they get real quiet, and I think that they are probably sizing up just how insane I might possibly be, but usually I distract them with cookies. The chocolate then wipes out any doubts, and they start asking about the recipes and food and before you know it I'm giving them the URL to this place before crawling into a corner and hyperventilating. (and writing in absurdly long run on sentences)

It's weird, you know-why are bloggers more content broadcasting their deepest thoughts and the mundane to the world, but not the people that they work with or see on a daily basis? Is it because we have to face them? Or they will ask questions in real life, where on the Internet you feel more protected? Or that I'm just kind of shy about my writing and when people make a big deal of it I don't know what to do? I'm not used to attention, dammit. On the Internet it's all, "Look at ME! ME! Over here! I have the pic of the amazing drool-worthy cupcakes!" but when it happens in real life I'm all, "Oh my God I just want to HIDE NOW."

Anyway, I've been outed in a big, big way which has been sort of fun, but at the same time is a bit weird. The other day I was asked about traffic and how many hits I get, and the funny thing is, I have no idea.

NO idea. As in...huh? Traffic? Umm....bunnies?

I don't even know my numbers. Oh sure, just like most newbie bloggers I was obsessed with them in the beginning. I checked them multiple times a day and tried to figure out what made them go up, so I could keep them that way. Along the way I eventually just abandoned it in favor of writing however I chose and throwing caution (and numbers) to the wind, pretty much embracing the idea that if I wrote well, the numbers would follow.

I suppose it's worked that way, but I installed Google Analytics this weekend just in case.

So hello, everyone; welcome to my blog. That quiet girl you know? Um...she's not so quiet.

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