Monday, April 05, 2010

Guess Who Dropped By?

"So what celebrity will it be next week?" Anne giggled at me from across the table while she sipped her tea. Anne, the one real life friend in the world that I have who shares my love of cooking and twitter, who I introduced to the world of blogs and can tell you who Pioneer Woman and Dooce is, no problem. She even scopes out new food blogs for ME to check out.

Besides that, the fact that she gives me chocolate all the time gets her huge points in my book.

"See because last week Martha Stewart began following you, and then Jamie Oliver tweeted you, so who's next?"

Anne, you'll never guess.

Friday was a rainy, windy day; perfect for puttering around the kitchen. At one point, I picked up my iPod and read my tweets.

"Oh! COOL!" I squealed and showed Jake, who looked at me with huge eyes.

"He re-tweeted you? I'll have to tell my Foods teacher. She's a HUGE fan."

"That's really awesome. I'm glad he likes it, I wonder if he went by the blog. Probably not. Why would he? He's a busy guy. Anyway...." I began thumbing through Tweetdeck and noticed I had a DM.

I almost dropped my iPod. He went by my BLOG?! He was HERE?! Quick! Did I say anything embarrassing? Did it look good? Were there typos?

Did you hear my squeal of delight all the way in New York, Anne? You must have. I know that Hubs and Jake came running and I thrust my iPod in their hands, suddenly rendered completely speechless.

"Mom! He's FOLLOWING you too!"

Jake, my resident foodie and Food Network fan since he was 2, was grinning from ear to ear.

"That's SO cool!"

It's hard to impress a teenager. For about 5 minutes, I was a rock star. Now he's going to arrive at school on Tuesday and announce this fact to his Foods teacher.

What I've always liked about Jamie Oliver so much is that he has always seemed really genuine, regular guy, and I just love his work. When I heard about the Food Revolution, my response was, "Well it's ABOUT time." and I honestly believe that if anyone can change school lunches, it's him. There needs to be change.

But in the end, what thrills me so much is that I threw my support behind a big name like Jamie Oliver's, and lord knows the guy doesn't need ME. He's doing pretty darn well for himself, I'd say. Who am I but a Mom from Canada with a blog and a love for cooking?

He noticed. Not only did he notice, but he took the time to drop by here and thank me. And THAT, my friends, is classy.

Thank YOU, Jamie. You're welcome here ANY time.

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