Saturday, April 24, 2010

Food Revolution Friday Winners!

You guys are amazing. SO many blog posts! SO many great recipes, food for thought (pun not really intended), and you all just embraced this thing whole heartedly.

Who are the winners, you ask? I went to and plugged in the numbers.

Out came these two:

Link #38 belonged to the lovely Alexis, whose post about her adventures with the Imp always make me giggle. She won the super cute "Give Peas a Chance" bib from Crocodile Creek.

Link #29 was from Shan-the Fairy Blogmother, who wrote about the challenges of Easter and being Polish...which means perogies! I adore perogies-they are a sometimes treat around here too.

Food Revolution Friday isn't ending, it's just beginning! Keep an eye out Monday for a challenge I'm issuing to all of will be FUN!

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