Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food Revolution Friday Makes the Globe and Mail

Dakshana Bascaramurty, a reporter from the Globe and Mail, called me at around 6:40 am, but I was up long before then. I was freaked out. Really. Freaked. Out. At 5 am I was wide awake staring at my ceiling.

What will I say? What will they ask? What will I say?

By 6 am I couldn't stand it any longer and got out of bed, making sure that I could down a cup of coffee or two before THE phone call, and then when it rang I grabbed the phone and darted into the computer room. Knowing MY luck, Jake would come bouncing out of his room and immediately be in front of me, asking me questions and trying to score a cup of coffee.

What the heck is it with kids when a mom is on the phone? Coffee? Seriously Jake, you are SO NOT getting coffee, no matter HOW distracted I am.

Dakshana was wonderful. Not that I'd have anything to compare her to since it was the first interview I've had in my life, but she was kind and let me babble away. It was a very pleasant chat.

Afterwards I hyperventilated in the car for the entire 40 minute drive to work.

Did I sound judgmental?
Or Dumb?
Will people hate on me in the comments?
What if...this takes off and...(oh Lord Karen, just don't go there. Too SCARY. )

(Commence hyperventilation)

My only regret is that when I was asked about what the bloggers who were participating were doing, I went blank. Completely, utterly, blank.

But I read all of your posts! Honest! I have tried to comment on every single one of them!

I did remember Shan's post about eating healthier and how her daughter had switched to yogurt from something more unhealthy. Do you think I could remember what the unhealthy thing was?

Not at all. Blank. Scattered, much?

I'm sorry, guys. I wish that I had remembered more and plugged all your blogs because really YOU are the reason the revolution is happening. You, over there, and over there, and yes even waaaaaaaay over there are in your kitchens with your kids making memories. You're at the farmer's market or the grocery store, reading labels, up late packing lunches, and doing the dishes. Then you sit and write about it so we can all share and be inspired together.

YOU made Food Revolution Friday successful. I'm so proud to be a part of it, and I feel so humbled that in some small way, I helped inspire you to make change.

If you were here, I'd give each and every one of you a big, squishy hug.


Read the Interview at the Globe and Mail.

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