Thursday, April 29, 2010

Food Revolution Friday: Lunch Challenge!

The challenge this week? Take a photo of whatever you packed for lunch this week and show that we Moms can and DO pack healthy lunches for our kids!

What was Jake eating this week?

Lunch #1: 2 clementines (love them! So juicy and sweet!), strawberries, Mediterranean brown rice salad (full of carrots, zucchini, and spices), 2 lemon poppyseed cookies, juice, and orange glazed mustard chicken. We had the skewers the night before so I prepped a few extra just for lunches. There was dip too. I had the same thing for lunch and everyone was eying my plate!

Lunch #2: Sorry for the bad photo but it was early and I was in a hurry. Lunch was whole wheat spaghetti with tuna tomato sauce and shaved Parmesan (not in the photo), a clementine, strawberries, poppy seed cookies, and a salad with fresh greens from the farmer's market.

Being a teenager, Jake likes to have something hot and filling for lunch that will keep him going. He's also going through a growth spurt so large filling lunches seem to be what he needs right now-because the boy is a beanpole and he still inhales every bite, then has an after school snack, and dinner as well. Sandwiches are great but they just don't fill him up anymore. I find myself making extra dinner and sending it with him, and he loves it!

His school has microwaves so he can heat things up. I know that heating things in plastic is not a good idea, but at this point it's what we do. Oh well.

I can't wait to see your lunches! It's interesting to see what works for everyone, what kids like, what stage they are at and how you all do it. Maybe we can share some tips and tricks! The recipe for the chicken skewers will be up really soon.

What did you pack? What is your one lunchtime challenge? Mine is finding enough small containers-those things seem to take off and hide with the missing socks every now and then.

Food Revolution Fridays is a regular feature in Notes From the Cookie Jar. You are welcome to play along!

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