Monday, April 26, 2010

Food Revolution Friday Lunch Challenge

In the last episode of Food Revolution I was disturbed by the lunches that the parents packed for the kids. Jelly beans? Chips? Are you kidding me?

Here's your chance. Show Jamie Oliver that there are plenty of us who CAN and DO pack a healthy lunch for our kids!

1. Take a photo of one (or more) of the lunches you've packed this week. Come on, you have a camera in your phone, it's one snap!

2. Post it on your blog! (if you don't have a blog leave the url in the comments and post it at Flickr or some other site).

3. Tell us what's in the lunch! If you want to share recipes, we'd love that too!

4. Link it up to my Food Revolution Fridays post that will go live 8pm Thursday April 29 (PST). Using Mr. Linky (remember to have a link back to Food Revolution Fridays so everyone can join in the fun!)

Let's show Jamie that we moms can pack a mean lunch! You have 4 days, guys...GO!

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