Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last week it was as if my appliances conspired against me.

I have this hairdryer that has never worked really well even though it was really expensive. The fan had a tendency to pop right off (Hubs says it was really poorly made) and even though Hubs fixed it a few times because the store refused to take it back, it eventually gave up the ghost.

Hubs? In case you didn't know, he's a super handy, fix everything until it completely DIES kinda guy. Which was handy in the case of the hair dryer but sometimes goes a bit overboard.

Last week I was trying to do my hair and it began smoking, in a rattly, scary-like "omg this thing is going to electrocute me" kind of way.

I don't need my hair dried THAT badly.

THEN, my cell phone died. One day it was fine and working great, the next day, nothing.

Reminded me of our hamster.

People used to laugh at that phone. Why? Well it was a six year old LG 3200, that even the Telus people told me could be in a museum. It barely worked, didn't hold a charge anymore, and I was just waiting for it to die so I could get a new one.

Hubs: "Can't we just get a new battery?"
Me: "Nooooooo!!!!!!"

Secret: I really coveted the iPhone, but can't afford one, which is why I got an iPod Touch. It's my baby. Nobody touches it.

With my old phone, I also had the phone on a pay as you go plan. Have you guys ever done this? At first, it was fine but as time went by I began to get really annoyed with it.

"Geez, Telus, do you really have to phone me 4 times to tell me to top up? Go away!"
"Oh CRAP, I forgot to top it up. There goes another $30 that was on the account..."
"Gah! It runs out in 10 minutes! The site won't work! Top up you stupid.. @%&#!"
"What do you MEAN, it double charged me? What the hell?"
"Gotta make a late night run to the store for a phone card. Damn phone....."

SUCH a pain in the butt. I hated it. HATED. Fiery passion this-thing-is-a-complete-waste-of-money-hate.

Last week I was alone at the mall and wandered into the Telus store, and then did something I haven't done. Ever.

I walked out with this. Isn't she purty? Nothing hugely fancy, mind you, and I didn't sign up for some ridiculously expensive plan, either. Just the basics. Basics that I'll actually USE now, because I have far more freedom and minutes on this new phone. Whew!

Later on, I was at home showing Jake my new phone. He oohed and awed, turning it over in his hand and checking out all the features before looking up and eying the dead phone sitting on the counter and then back at me with hopeful eyes.

"So um, Mom? Can I take the old one apart?"

Knowing him, he probably wants to fix it.

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