Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why You Should Never Drink Wine and Blog

If you are looking for that Mr. Linky to add your post to my Food Revolution Friday posts, because you happened to look in your Google reader and see this AMAZING photo of some really super delicious food but came here and discover that the place is bare, I'm sorry.


I have a confession. I had a bad day and made this wonderful dinner, had a glass of wine, wrote the post, and then accidentally hit the publish button instead of the save button. It will be up on Friday, when it should be.

Today is Wednesday.

It feels like Friday, though.

Oh I am SOOOOOOO ready for Friday, which this week will mean home made hot cross buns and a day off, sleeping in and coffee in my pjs.

And for you, a great post with links and photos and a Mr. Linky so that we can do the Food Revolution thing together, right?

Don't drink wine and blog, people. It makes you hit the wrong button and confuse everyone. Many thanks to Merry for pointing it out!

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