Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Where I FINALLY Meet Some of my Fellow Bloggers

Waaaaaay back in January I was chatting with Nicole and mentioned how disappointed I was that all the blogger get togethers are always in the evening or during the week and I can't go.

Then it struck me. Quit complaining and just arrange our own, already! So we did-and being so new to this whole blogger socializing thing, I was a little naive about the numbers. The tweet up went from five to twenty people in a matter of minutes, as I sat there with my mouth agape. Wow!

Saturday came much faster then I expected, and pretty soon there I was, following directions from Google maps to Commercial Drive in Vancouver. The closer I got to the restaurant, the more I nervous I became.

What if they don't like the real me?
Is my hair okay?
Will they notice the zit?
Should I have worn this?
Oh my God, I baked cookies, what if they hate them?
What if they are polite and say they love them, but they really hate them?
Why am I doing this?
Will I even know anyone?
Will anyone know ME?
What if I end up sitting in the corner and nobody talks to me?

Can you say....terrified? I'm not really a very outgoing person. Once I get to know you, I'm fine but until then, I'm pretty quiet. I can pull off the socializing friendly-like, but inside I'm completely freaking out.

I walked into a full restaurant and didn't recognize a soul.

"OH! You must be Scattered Mom!" I guess my arms full of tins of cookies was a dead giveaway, huh? Getting used to being called Scattered Mom was something I didn't expect. I've never been called by that name in real life before so at first I was all, "who the hell are they talking to? Oh! ME!"

There were so many wonderful women (and Dads!) there, all of who were so friendly and amazing, and welcomed me just like an old friend. Really, I had nothing to worry about even though I admit I was really self conscious. Suddenly Michelle came up and hugged me, and I knew that I knew who she was but...I couldn't place her! At ALL! I was so embarrassed.

(It's not surprising, actually. I am REALLY BAD with names. There are people I worked with for three years, ate lunch with every single day, and I STILL can't remember their names. Please don't be insulted. This is why I have the name "Scattered Mom", you know.

And, while we're off topic, can you even imagine going to Blog Her? This was just a small group of people. Blog Her would be down right frightening, I think. My plan is to work my way up to larger groups of people. Next stop...Northern Voice!)

We chatted, ate the most amazing crab cakes eggs benny ever, I got to hold the cutest Pop Tart I've ever seen while she noshed on all my fruit, and generally just got to meet everyone in person. It was amazing. And a bit weird, in a good way. Everyone was asking about Jake, Hubs, things that I've blogged or tweeted about lately, and it was a little strange to have people I've never seen know so much about me. So who did I meet? (If I forgot anyone, please let me know so I can add you.)

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Also? I brought my camera and only took ONE photo because I pretty much forgot about it.

These ladies were so kind, they even called me the "Canadian Pioneer Woman." Which is, to me, the biggest compliment ever because she is just....wow.

One thing I probably repeated about a million times was my awe at all the delicious, huggable babies. Mostly because they were all so cute and I wanted to take them home with me (not all at once) but also because I felt a bit old, being the only one with a teenager.

After we ate, and visited, Michelle and I took off to find a park so Cookie could run around in the sun (it was so gorgeous outside!) and she had a taste of my really wickedly bad sense of direction mad driving skills. Marilyn joined us and there we sat; enjoying the spring sun and talking about our families and blogs.

Of course I felt incredibly guilty for not reading their blogs that much-not because they aren't awesome bloggers, but I haven't read anyone lately. (*hangs head in shame*) That's been quickly changed though, because since I came home I've checked out everyone's blogs and subscribed to them!

Later the evening when we finally parted, I sat in the ferry line up waiting for the boat to arrive and began to get a bit nervous again.

-what if they hate the cookies?
-what if they were just being polite?
-now that they know me, will they still like me?

Then at last, it suddenly came to me who Michelle and some of the other bloggers were. (yes, that's me. Reaaalllly slow on the uptake)

*smacks head*

Somehow I don't think I have anything to worry about.

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