Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Revolution Fridays~Updated..More Prizes!

Update! So as I thought about this more, I decided it would be fun to have a PRIZE. So I picked up a copy of Kids Kitchen! See at the end of the post for details. The giveaway is now CLOSED.

Ever since we saw the first commercial for Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, it's been a topic of conversation in our house. We watched his interview with Larry King, Jake discussed the show in his school cooking class, and I began tweeting about it. At one point I directed one tweet straight to the man himself:

Wouldn't that be brilliant? If the Mom and Food Bloggers united to get better school lunches, can you imagine? Who could argue with that kind of power? We're a force to be reckoned with!

Years ago, when I first discovered Food Network, I began watching The Naked Chef and really loved it but eventually we moved to a new town, where the cable offerings were much less and I didn't have the opportunity to watch anymore. I was crushed.

There was one thing that Jamie said that always stuck in my head, though. The idea that by introducing kids to high quality, delicious food, Jake would learn what quality food IS and not be swayed by highly processed, fast food. Not really being a fast food lover myself, it was easy to grab hold of that idea and run with it.

Jamie was absolutely RIGHT. Jake now loves everything from yams and chick peas to whole wheat pasta, and home made focaccia. He will happily munch on salads or fruit, and forgoes the fries or pop when we dine out. In fact, he refuses to eat the lunches served at his high school, which are highly processed. Instead he has asked me to come up with a fresh, lower fat/salt/processed version here at home, which I often do! (like the butter chicken)

This morning, much to my delight, I noticed that someone tweeted back to me.

I was stunned. He's asking me? I'm no media marketing expert. I'm a Mom, who likes to cook and blogs about it. But wait...maybe that's all that we need. Moms, who cook and who love food, to actually try his recipes and pass on the information about the Food Revolution. The more we talk, the more we tweet, the more it will spread.

From one simple act of cooking a meal.

So Jamie, I'm going to start right here, right now, on my blog. Since I cook and write about it already, I'm going to start cooking some of YOUR recipes and invite others to join me.

This coming week? I'm going to make make....
Parmesan chicken breasts with crispy posh ham
broccoli salad

My mouth is watering already. Who wants to join me? Sign up with Mr. Linky below! We'll get cooking this week and post the results by next Friday! Let's get this revolution started, right in our own kitchens! Don't be afraid if you're not proficient at cooking. Feel free to ask any food related/cooking questions and I'll try to help, or maybe we can help each other!

If you don't want the pressure of cooking something to post about, write a blog post about lunch for your kids. How do you make it healthy? What are your biggest obstacles? And...what about those PRIZES?!

Prize #1: A copy of Kid's Kitchen, by Fiona Bird. Inside this great box is 40 different recipe cards, all geared towards kids. It has fantastic reviews and is healthy, delicious ways to get you and your kids cooking.
Prize #2: This adorable bib by Crocodile Creek. When I saw it I just couldn't resist!

To be eligible to WIN a copy of Kids Kitchen or the bib, you have to do the following:

1. Every Friday for the next six weeks I am writing a "Food Revolution Friday" post, and at the end will be a Mr. Linky. During that time, you are invited to write at least ONE post and leave a link to it (not a generic link to your blog) in that Friday's Mr. Linky. If you do NOT have a blog, don't fear-you can still enter, just e-mail me your post (notesfromthecookiejar at yahoo dot ca) and I will post it on Recipes From the Cookie Jar. Remember to include your twitter handle or e-mail address so I can contact you if you win.

The post can be about healthy eating and cooking. You can post recipes, try out Jamie's recipes, talk about lunches, your own healthy eating challenges, or about that week's episode of Food Revolution. Make it FUN! Take pictures! Get creative!

2. You can enter all six weeks, if you wish..bringing the total to six entries each.

3. You are invited to tweet about Food Revolution Fridays, but it won't get you extra entries. Please use the tag #foodrevolutionfridays. Include @scatteredmom and I will retweet for you! If you use @jamie_oliver, he can see what we think about his food revolution! I can also add you to my Food Revolution Friday list, if you like, and you can see what everyone else is talking about!

4. This is open to anyone in the Continental USA and Canada.

5. After the LAST Friday that Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is aired, I will randomly draw the winners and let them know the Saturday after.

Note: I have not been paid, nor have I received anything to tweet/write about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I am not affiliated with Jamie Oliver in any way. This is simply a cause that I am passionate about. The prizes are something that I bought myself.

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